TalkShop’s Students Testimonials

Individual Testimonials – March 2018 Hershy B. Aquino, Government Personnel, Technical Writing and Creative Thinking by TalkShop I like how the TalkShop program was designed ... Continue Reading →

Department of Tourism Batch 5 Testimonials

DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM TESTIMONIALS Batch 5 TalkShop Foreign Service Training February 5-11, 2018 Ma. Elizabeth C. Viray, Supervising Tourism Operations-DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop ... Continue Reading →


DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM TESTIMONIALS BATCH 3 Foreign Service Competency Enhancement January 8-14, 2018     Gina Velasco, Senior TOO, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism I ... Continue Reading →


A DAUNTING LEADERSHIP TASK SHEILA VIESCA DR. SUNNIE GILES, AN ORGANIZATIONAL SCIENTIST,  conducted a study of 195 leaders in over 30 global organizations from 15 countries. In this ... Continue Reading →

Present to Inform Workshop Testimonials

  DTI TESTIMONIALS Present to Inform May 24-25, 2017 Batch 2 Rhia Laxa, Department of Trade and Industry, Present to Inform WorkShop Thank you very much for a very informative and ... Continue Reading →

A Universal Competency for Leadership Effectiveness

A Universal Competency For Leadership Effectiveness SHEILA VIESCA ONE’S EFFECTIVENESS AS A LEADER has been the focus of studies and research by social and organizational scientists, ... Continue Reading →


   TOASTING ETIQUETTE AND HOSTING SENSIBILITY SHEILA VIESCA   Varied groups from different cultures and generation have enjoyed the practice of toasting for friendship, ... Continue Reading →

Exposing the Virtues of the Self-Absorbed Generation

The millennials, a segment coined by William Strauss and Neil Howe, refers to people born from the 80s to year 2000. A generation that is quite misunderstood. They are accused of being ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop Trains Accenture to Inspire Through Great Leadership

Accenture Women Get Trained by TalkShop As TalkShop leads the way in pushing the boundaries on training excellence, it partners with industry leaders in promoting gender equality and ... Continue Reading →

The Art and Science of Creative Writing

The common misconception is that creative writing is without structure. Some people believe that the great writers of history picked up their pen and paper and simply began writing ... Continue Reading →