Personal Branding: Bringing Out the Best of What You’ve Got (Part 2 of 2)




Yes, personal branding is about perceptions. And it was so real during our recent elections.


While the promises for change are all practically the same, the manner of delivering the promise varies according to the perceived character of each of the candidates. Their relevance was tied to their personal branding. Their respective innate characteristics served both as pluses and minuses, depending on the perspective of the voter:

  • Duterte: Fearless (Positive); Could turn into a dictator (Negative)
  • Roxas: Educated (Positive); Elitist (Negative)
  • Poe: Newbie, new perspective (Positive); Lacks experience (Negative)
  • Defensor: Intelligent (Positive); Goodat rhetoricbut action is what is needed. (Negative)
  • Binay: Smart and experienced (Positive); Traditional politician (Negative)

Yet, despite the brazen personality of Duterte,  the people saw in him the sincerity and fierceness to deliver the changes needed. He did not pretend to be what he was not.

His ways may not be refined but his character became relevant to the rising concern on drugs and criminality. While no doubt the other Presidential aspirants were capable, people saw the peace and order as a very serious problem of urgent concern. It had to be dealt with an iron fist,not avelvet hand.

Meanwhile, people banked on his track record as proof of promise.Stories, true or embellished, collaborated with the stance of being able to deliver effectively.


What could we learn from the presidential elections?  And more importantly, how can we apply it to ourselves?

  • Be true to yourself. Accentuate the positive.
  • Connect with people through your innate endearing character and their needs
  • Make yourself relevant by making others see the value in you (that you alone could deliver because you are you)
  • Listen. Improve on what has to be improved.
  • Do not create enemies, no matter how competitive you need to be. Think before you speak.  (Make wisdom part of your brand character. No buts).


A constant and conscious effort to apply the principles above will make you a victor over many situations.Assess.Evaluate. Improve. The cycle for personal branding should be never ending.


Branding speaks. So, what do you stand for?


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