PNOC Testimonials: Business Writing and Grammar Mastery (Batch 2)

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TalkShop Business Writing and Grammar Mastery Training ,  22-24 October 2013, Key Officers, Researchers, Analysts, Lawyers – Philippine National Oil Company, Bonifacio Global City

Analysts, Researchers, Lawyers, and Officers of the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) take their Business Writing and Grammar Mastery with TalkShop.  Sheila Viesca  helps participants understand that “while communication is aided by grammar and syntax, it will always be founded on values.”  From that understanding, participants learn to deepen their awareness of their voice, understand their style, and explore their many potentials to communicate more effectively in any business or social  situation.   

PNOC Business Writing and Grammar Mastery participants share their TalkShop experience:



Teresita L. Aguila, Mgmt. and Audit Analyst III, PNOC

This is an amazing opportunity to go back to writing. I would like to learn more on Modern Business Etiquette. Thank you for this workshop, TalkShop!


Khristian Ambas, CE, PNOC

            In the three days I spent training with TalkShop, I shall say that I’m much more confident in communicating with others. I like the speech presentation. The TalkShop consultants are well educated and knowledgeable in the subject. Thanks to them, I am now familiar in arranging paragraphs and avoiding redundancies.


Arnel Antonio, Private Secretary II, PNOC

             The lessons in the TalkShop workshop are up to date and it’s a good way to learn the modern writing techniques from the great, approachable and accommodating TalkShop consultants. They made me a better communicator. I enjoyed being part of this TalkShop training.


Rizabel R. Baybay, PDO III, PNOC

              The TalkShop Consultants have a mastery of the topics. They discussed speech composition and oral presentation which I liked most. Thanks to them, I am now motivated to do the 21-day Creative Writing Journey. Well done, TalkShop!


Jenie Crisostomo, EA I, PNOC

            I liked all the exercises from the workshop. I am now more confident in making presentations. Ms. Sheila Viesca and Ms. Cecile are very good communicators.


Wency B. Esteban, Acct. Management Specialist, PNOC 

            Applause to Ms. Sheila and Ms. Cecile! They are very inspiring. The flow of this workshop is very organized and the exercises are very informative. Thank you for all the new learning!


Adah Lucia C. Gonzales, SO IV, PNOC

             I have learned a lot from this workshop with TalkShop. I hope that I won’t forget what we have learned and apply them in our correspondence. The TalkShop Consultants are very motivational whenever we speak or write. TalkShop is the best!


Ruperto C. Guevarra, Engineer II, PNOC

              Before anything else, I would like to thank TalkShop especially Ms. Sheila Viesca and Ms. Cecile Matulac for sharing whatever knowledge they can teach on Business Writing and Grammar Mastery. I enjoyed and really learned a lot. I would like to recommend TalkShop to everybody.


Pippo A. Guinan, MAA IV, PNOC

                In this three day endeavour, I learned a lot. Even before this, I thought I already knew a lot about tenses and grammar but I was wrong. TalkShop really helped me gain confidence in public speaking. The resource persons are great, very equipped and understanding. I hope to be part of a public speaking program in the future. More power to TalkShop, especially Ms. Sheila Viesca and her team! They brought out the BEST in me.


Edwin Inlayo, Senior Research Specialist, PNOC

               TalkShop brings communication excellence to a whole new level. The exercises refreshed the lessons we learned from school. I have become more self-confident. I now imagine myself to be more effective in spoken and written communication.


Ma. Luisa L. Katalbas, PDO III, PNOC

            In this workshop, I have learned the right pronunciation of new words and learned the commonly used words. The module of the workshop is well designed. The lessons will be very applicable in our daily lives. The TalkShop consultants delivered their lectures well. I believe what they taught is applicable to our job. Thank you so much, TalkShop team!


Jaime O. Labarda, Legal Researcher/Atty III, PNOC

           With TalkShop, I was able to learn the basic in business writing and correct use of grammar. Through them, I was able to review my English communication. My business writing has improved. Ms. Sheila Viesca and Ms. Cecile Matulac are the best English teachers I have ever met.


Erma C. Lacsamana, RS I, PNOC

            The exercises and lessons in Grammar are the ones I liked most during this 3-day workshop. I truly improved my writing skills. I know I will make use of the lessons I learned. I hope I could be part of an Assertive Communication, Time and Stress Management, or Creative Writing training with TalkShop in the future!


Josefina Lapasaran, DC III, PNOC

            The workshop is great and definitely excellent. I was able to brush up on my grammar I learned four decades ago. My pronunciation, diction and use of syntax has greatly improved. TalkShop team, you are an excellent group of people!


Irene Lorenzo, Agenda/Minutes Officer IV, PNOC

             I have a learned a lot from the program with TalkShop. It is very appropriate and suitable to meet the needs of the participants. The TalkShop consultants are proficient and well-versed. My writing has improved after attending this workshop. I highly recommend the program and the other TalkShop programs.


Leo Millanes, Financial Analyst, PNOC

              The TalkShop Consultants are excellent. Grammar Mastery is my favourite topic among all those that were discussed. Keep up the good work, TalkShop!


Janette Prado, Executive Assistant, PNOC

            The workshop has given me new insights on effective communication. The workshop was also well done. Ms. Sheila and Ms. Cecile are knowledgeable and excellent. My self-confidence has definitely improved.  Exceptional training!


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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication finished her bachelor degree in Literature, masters in Entrepreneurship, and doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+


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