PNOC Testimonials: Business Writing and Grammar Mastery (Batch 4)


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TalkShop Business Writing and Grammar Mastery Training ,  12-14 November 2013      Division Chiefs and Senior Officers – Philippine National Oil Company, Bonifacio Global City


The Division Chiefs and OIC’s of the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) brush up on their English communication skills.  Yet again, another proof that the best leaders thrive because they never stop sharpening the saw and setting their foundation right at whatever stage of life they are in.


The 3-day activity was designed and led by TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca and consultant Cecile Matulac who worked together to help the participants appreciate the integration of speech, writing, and thinking skills to effect a positive difference through their words, meaning, and composition.


TalkShop, the pioneer of Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) and the only ISO-certified, Civil Service-accredited communication training institute paves the way for decision makers to be in touch with their voice as they inspire others towards communication and leadership excellence.


The participants share their TalkShop experience:



Robert F. Villa, Jr., Public Relations Officer V, PNOC


The 3-part outline (Situation, Complication and Resolution) that was discussed in the workshop was the topic I liked the most. I also learned so much more. Ms. Sheila and Ms. Cecile are very qualified. Thanks to them, it has reinforced my beliefs in public speaking. Ms. Sheila, your English course is the best! Others just focus on writing. But you focus on the holistic considerations. You connected the speaking part which is just as important.



Aoron R. Viuya, Division Chief III, PNOC


During the 3-day TalkShop workshop, I realized that I needed to learn more vocabularies and practice public speaking more. I was refreshed with the parts of speech and uses. I also liked the individual presentations. We learned from each other’s mistake and discerned what should be the right tenses. I also realized that the most important factor of your speech is to motivate and inspire others. Ms. Sheila and Ms. Cecile are very competent to handle the lessons and questions of the students.



Danilo B. Aunario, OIC – Division Chief, PNOC


            The Business Writing and Grammar Mastery Workshop improved my communication skills. I liked the exercises on developing and delivering our speech presentations. The TalkShop consultants, Ms. Sheila Viesca and Ms. Cecile Matulac, shared their experiences for our learning and met the objectives of the program. Attending this workshop gave me an increase in confidence and presentation skills.



Paquito Ramon A. Azuelo, Jr., Division Chief III, PNOC


            Pronunciation, new ways of writing and speaking are some of the many things I learned in this workshop. I learned my strengths in speaking. The design of the workshop was well thought out. I like the speech practices as I was able to deliver them with minimal use of my notes. The TalkShop consultants are experts in their field. Also, during this workshop, I listened to the speeches of my colleagues and they were inspiring. I learned more about them and I realized that they are extremely good and definitely smart.



Ma. Vivian E. Banayad, Division Chief III, PNOC


            The workshop was a refresher course on all the lessons I have studied in the past. The TalkShop consultants are very good and knowledgeable.  Great job TalkShop!



Charo S. Barcinas, Attorney IV, PNOC


            Through the TalkShop workshop, I was able to brush up on my writing skills and got updated on English grammar uses. Well done, TalkShop team!


Antonio G. Buenviaje, Division Chief III, PNOC


            This course rekindled my fears about English composition. But it is a good thing to relearn rules that we have taken for granted so long. I like the speaking part wherein one was able to share their passions and deep emotions. The TalkShop consultants are very pleasant. Hopefully in the future I can be a convincing speaker or debater.



Fernando J. Castillon, HRMO III/OIC-Division Chief, PNOC


            I learned many grammar rules that were not discussed thoroughly in school. One of them was verb tenses and I learned through different examples. The TalkShop consultants are very competent. It is because of them that I can now communicate to be understood. It was a good learning experience, TalkShop!



Marly C. Danao, Project Development Officer IV, PNOC


            In this workshop, I liked the exercises and the drills I believe that this is the best way to learn grammar. Ms. Sheila and Ms. Cecile are experts in their field. TalkShop team, you have done well!



Adalia L. Endaya, Division Chief III, PNOC


I learned a lot from this workshop, from using grammar correctly and speaking effectively. I found the analysis given by Ms. Sheila at the end of the workshop very interesting. I also liked listening to the individual speeches. I am now an effective writer and speaker thanks to TalkShop.



Rosemarie O. Esteban, Administrative Officer IV, PNOC


            The TalkShop consultants are very good. They have a mastery of the subject. I learned a lot from them; it definitely served as a review. Through them, I was able to express myself in front my colleagues.



Conrado M. Fajardo, Computer Operator III, PNOC


            The design of the workshop was very effective. I liked the speech preparation the most in this training. Excellent workshop, TalkShop!



Gina E. Manalo, Division Chief III, PNOC


I thought I was already good in grammar but I learned a lot of new things from this course. I particularly liked learning correct pronunciation and grammar. The TalkShop workshop and consultants are excellent.



Lucena M. Martin, Financial Analyst IV, PNOC


TalkShop is highly recommendable. I gained a lot of learning experiences. A job well done, TalkShop team!



Carmelita M. Orpilla, Management & Audit Analyst IV, PNOC


I was able to recall my lessons in English when I was in college and learned new things. The design of the workshop is good. All of the topics tackled were interesting. The TalkShop consultants are good and indeed experts in their field. After attending this workshop, I gained more experience in public speaking.



Allan Rey L. Ponce, Division Chief III, PNOC


The workshop was well designed. I liked all the topics and I learned a lot from the energetic and learned TalkShop consultants. I have become more expressive vocally.



Sylvia Florence V. Posadas, Executive Assistant IV, PNOC


            I am now much better in communication than before. I realized that I still have much to improve on in effective communication. For sure, I enjoyed this TalkShop workshop!



Jennifer R. Racho, Division Chief III, PNOC


            The topic I liked most in this workshop was pronunciation. In this workshop, I learned so much. I hope I can constantly apply it in my daily activities. The TalkShop consultants are wonderful! After taking part in this workshop, I can speak confidently in front.



Joseph Edgar G. Ragasa, Management & Audit Analyst III, PNOC


I was enlightened after the workshop. The TalkShop consultants are very knowledge. They taught me the new standards and rules of writing and speaking. In the future, I hope there will be a public speaking workshop.



Marinelle D. Saynes, Computer Operator III, PNOC


Both Ms. Sheila and Ms. Cecile are excellent consultants. This workshop gave me an opportunity to speak before my officemates. Thanks, TalkShop! We enjoyed the training.



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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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