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Project management is a valuable part of any business operation. To take on the role of a project manager, you should have a strategic and systematic method of planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating the work that needs to get done.


Being responsible for so many aspects of the job may sound daunting at the start, but with the right project management tools, you will be able to develop the confidence to demonstrate and efficiently use the necessary techniques in a work application project.


TalkShop’s Project Management Courses are designed not only for project managers, but for business developers, project executives, and other corporate associates who deal with complex projects and plans.


Whichever category you fall under, you can benefit from project management processes through one of our courses.


Here is an outline of what we offer:


  1. Day-to-day Applications of Project Planning
  2. Setting of Objectives and Expectations
  3. Project Planning vs. project Management


  1. Project Conceptualization
  2. Specifying the Project Description
  3. Setting Metrics for Success


  1. Sample Projects
  2. Project Management Case Studies
  3. Business Project Analysis
  4. Strategic Planning vs. Tactical Execution


  1. Project Management Techniques Application
  2. Resource Planning
  3. Plan Development and Organization
  4. Project Control and Implementation


  1. Self-evaluation and Development
  2. Benchmarking Techniques
  3. Performance Monitoring
  4. Progress Review and Fine-tuning


  1. Work Application Project
  2. Preparing Project Metrics and Objectives
  3. Developing the Process Flow
  4. Scheduling and Assigning of Tasks
  5. Presenting and Implementing the W.A.P.


  1. Program Evaluation and Next Steps
  2. Project Recommendations
  3. Reinforcement of Concepts
  4. Action Plan and Implementation

Join our Project Management Courses by contacting Talkshop at +632 894 5588 or +63 917 853 5588.


WorkSop Duration:

4 -5 Days

9AM – 5PM

Php 24,500


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