Surefire Steps to Ace an Interview

Job applicants need not fear their upcoming interviews any longer.  These surefire steps to ace an interview will land you that dream job with your chosen employer.  Not so many potential employers give feedback on why they turn down job applicants.  This situation can lead to repeated mistakes, frustrations, and worst – employment with the wrong company, out of desperation.

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Before you go to your next interview, be guided by these steps from the TalkShop consultants:

  1. Be clear about your goals.  At the onset, ask yourself what your ideal position and work setting should be.  This step alone will give you enough direction: What to look for, how to conduct your research, and how to present yourself  during the interview. Lack of clarity in your goals will keep you from taking the right preparation for your mental conditioning and physical presentation.
  2. Be strategic in your research.  Great companies are great because of the people they hire and the people who remain with them.  You have the option of doing your preliminary calls to check out how the current employees feel about the company you want to work with.   A visit to the site will give you a feel of how friendly, or professional, or relaxed the  corporate culture is.  If you are lucky to know people who are already working with the company, ask them about their experience.  Of course all these details will amount to nothing if you do not actually go to your interview and ask the interviewer pertinent questions. to which answers may not be available online.  Not so many job applicants bother to know about the company so it is a big plus when you come prepared, look driven, and backed up by sufficient knowledge of the company.
  3. Be at your best always.  The interview is just a segment in your life.  It is a good test to see how you are as an individual and as a potential employee.  It is not a time for you to change your personality.  The best interviews happen when you are yourself.  Devote your everyday to looking good, sounding good, feeling good, and doing good at all costs.  Choose worthwhile hobbies that will uplift your disposition and broaden your perspective.   If you do this, the most that you will do for your interview is simple polishing and fine-tuning.  At the same time, the best opportunities happen to those who are always prepared.  Plan your life in such a way that there is never a moment you are not ready.

Acing an interview is a way of life.  Regularly, we come face to face with great moments to prove our worth, readiness, and capabilities. This time it may be an entrance interview, another time a promotion.  This year, it is about this one job, the next year it can about your lifetime career. All throughout, life presents us with interviews to check if we are ready for the next level.  Take these 3 steps to heart and ace all your interviews.

TalkShop guides all professionals with a free coaching and evaluation of their thinking and communication styles to ensure that they end up making the right choice in preparation for their interview and thereafter.


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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication finished her bachelor degree in Literature, masters in Entrepreneurship, and doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+


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