Developing the Leadership Mind Frame

As a team manager in a large organization, you already know that a strong sense of leadership is something your bosses expect you to possess from the get-go. You may be confident in ... Continue Reading →

Asian Institute of Management’s MDM Students Commend TalkShop

Mediocrity in management and leadership, as in learning and teaching,  can be attributed to poor communication.  With the right training, communication can improve one’s status ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop leadership training program

Why You Need Leadership Training

Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Picture this scenario: you’ve been holding your job for a number of years. You like the challenges it entails, and you generally perform ... Continue Reading →

The Main Ingredients of a Successful Leadership Program

There are as many types of leadership programs as there are leaders. While leaders can be defined in different terms, by different traits, and even measures, there are usually 3 main ... Continue Reading →