Personality Development: Dealing with Different Personalities

A huge part of any conflict stems from miscommunication, which, more often than not, results from a lack of understanding.  This lack of understanding is the sure fire outcome of the ... Continue Reading →

Those Awkward Moments

       Have you ever found yourself in a situation so awkward, you wanted the floor to open up and swallow you whole? It may have been something as basic as not knowing which fork ... Continue Reading →

The Philippines’ Presidential Management Staff Get TalkShop-Trained

TalkShop has been chosen as the Personality Development trainer of the Philippines’ Presidential Management Staff (PMS) consisting of researchers, analysts, and legal officers who ... Continue Reading →

Improve Yourself with Personality Development Training

Personality Development and Fine Dining ,  MWF & Saturdays, TalkShop, Makati Philippines It’s normal to experience a clash in personalities every once in a while. What’s ... Continue Reading →