TalkShop Coaching and Mentoring

The Differences of Coaching and Mentoring

Both coaching and mentoring are skills of good leaders. However, while mentoring is more long-term and can be forgiving in the sense that the mentor serves as both a guide and trainer, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Summer Workshops

Why Learn International Etiquette

Technology has transformed the world into an oyster. Today, the business environment has become a diverse workplace, while the world has morphed into one vast marketplace. While this ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops by TalkShop at FullyBooked

This Summer, FullyBooked at Bonifacio Global City is featuring TalkShop, the country’s premier training institute for English programs and corporate communication. Sheila Viesca, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Executive Management Program Summer Workshop

TalkShop Offers Executive Management Programs

TalkShop, the premier training institute for corporate training, communication excellence, and personal effectiveness offers a series of Executive Management Programs (EMP) this Summer. ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop's Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops in TalkShop

Beat the Heat this Summer with fun and meaningful learning. Enroll in TalkShop’s Summer Workshops. Avail the 1-week Intensive Program or the 3-week Comprehensive Package. For ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop letter

An Open Letter to My Children’s Teachers

Dear Teachers, I have entrusted my kids to your care so you may nurture their youth with the right values and meaningful learning. When they do not get high grades in your subjects, ... Continue Reading →

I am very happy for the opportunity to take the Business Writing with TalkShop. This day has been so much fun and I gained a lot of knowledge. There are three lessons I have learned ... Continue Reading →

Asian Social Institute Taps Sheila Viesca Anew

The Asian Social Institute (ASI) taps Sheila Viesca anew as its lead professor of the English Proficiency Program for its international graduate students. ASI is a graduate school and ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop WorkShop Studio is Now Open

With a much wider array of personal effectiveness programs on its 13th year, TalkShop, the Philippines’ industry leader in corporate training and executive coaching, has expanded ... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Good Leader Who Inspires

A good leader is a good follower. A leader is not necessarily someone scary or intimidating, although some situations may call for it.  However, what benefit will it give to the team ... Continue Reading →