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How Essential is Business Communication?

Any organization aims to send the right message and project the right image. Indeed, communication is always handled with great care. It is treated as part of corporate branding which ... Continue Reading →
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Delivering Outstanding Customer Service through Collaborative Communication

An organization serves two types of customers: External, who patronize its products and services; and internal, who are the employees requiring the services of colleagues or superiors ... Continue Reading →
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Why Small Talk Matters

Small talk is underestimated. Some people even think it is pointless, and must be avoided. The truth is the art of small talk needs to be cultivated. It is a skill that is called for ... Continue Reading →
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Learn the 10 Great Conversation Tips

Striking a conversation is not as difficult as it may seem. Whether you have to interview an important person, engage a relative you hardly see, or have to speak with the stranger beside ... Continue Reading →
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The Importance of Good Communication

People talk on impulse. It is a reflex action that forms part of our daily routine, hence, it is often taken for granted. Yet, good communication has remained in the success formula ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop conversation tips

Are You a Witty Conversationalist?

It takes two to communicate. Among the many forms of communication, conversation can be the most pleasant. Yet, many deprive themselves of the joys of engaging others in conversation. ... Continue Reading →
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Effective Communication in a Multicultural Work Setting

Relating with the different personalities at work has become even more challenging in today’s multicultural environment. This is getting to be the norm in the business landscape that ... Continue Reading →