TalkShop board meeting tips

Jargonized, Affected, and Confused

Professionals have their own jargon as a way to bond and communicate with each other. In the corporate scene, however, there is business speak that gets more confusing with time, as ... Continue Reading →
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Strike Out Words That Erode Confidence

As one trains the mind to think positively, so must he improve his vocabulary to project the right impression and attract the right opportunities. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, ... Continue Reading →
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Why People Fail in Job Interviews

With the dearth of jobs these days, a call for an interview can come rarely. When a call comes through, one should make the most of the situation. A candidate is given just a short ... Continue Reading →
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Learn the 10 Great Conversation Tips

Striking a conversation is not as difficult as it may seem. Whether you have to interview an important person, engage a relative you hardly see, or have to speak with the stranger beside ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop conversation tips

Are You a Witty Conversationalist?

It takes two to communicate. Among the many forms of communication, conversation can be the most pleasant. Yet, many deprive themselves of the joys of engaging others in conversation. ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Sales

Sales Training is a Vital Investment

While some companies consider sales training an unnecessary cost, those in the know realize how indispensable it is to their business. Beyond product knowledge, the sales team should ... Continue Reading →