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Have You Hit a Career Plateau?

Are you always being overlooked for a promotion? Has your job become routine? Do you feel you have reached a standstill? Chances are, you have hit a plateau at work for varying reasons. Sheila ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop corporate life tips

On Dealing with the Relaxed Corporate Life: Rev Up Your Energy

The open workplace set-up offers ease and convenience. One only has to work on his computer, scoot with his chair to reach for supplies, and order food delivery to manage through the ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop board meeting tips

Jargonized, Affected, and Confused

Professionals have their own jargon as a way to bond and communicate with each other. In the corporate scene, however, there is business speak that gets more confusing with time, as ... Continue Reading →
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Wardrobe Essentials for Your Next Interview

Being ready for an interview also means having the right wardrobe for it. Clothes do communicate a message. TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca explains, “The way one presents himself creates ... Continue Reading →
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Managing Distractions in the Workplace

Distractions are part of the territory in any workplace, More so in today’s open-space plans with low cubicle walls and no doors. This allows greater interaction which can be a good ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop tips to manage stress

How to Manage Workplace Stress

Companies are streamlining, requiring workers to multi-task. With a smaller work force to take on additional load, it is not surprising for team members to feel burnt out. This could ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop baby boomer tips

Baby Boomer Workplace Realities: The 8 Lessons from the Smart, Driven Seniors

Fifty something’s are getting a bum rap these days. Many have put in experience, know-how, and commitment, only to face discrimination, unfair treatment, and insecurity in a workplace ... Continue Reading →
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How to Guarantee Repeat Business

Businesses realize that 80% of their income comes from 20% of their loyal clients. Hence, it is imperative to cultivate a solid relationship with them. In the long run, winning repeat ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop tips to get along with boss

How to Get Along with Your Boss

A job is a blessing, more so in the right work environment where one can thrive and grow. If circumstances are less than ideal, it is worth trying to get along with the boss with whom ... Continue Reading →
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How to Act in a Boardroom Meeting

Business meetings in a boardroom set-up requires protocol. Each participant will do well to know boardroom etiquette to be able to position himself in the best light. Sheila Viesca, ... Continue Reading →