Grammar Mastery is a Must

While good grammar is not the be-all, end-all, it can spell the big difference between someone who can communicate the message clearly and someone who communicates garbled script. The ... Continue Reading →

Grammar in the Time of Social media

Skim through your social media newsfeed. How many of the posts on it make use of correctly spelled words and properly articulated, punctuated sentences? Chances are, not that many. I ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop punctuation tips

Most Common Punctuation Mistakes

What would happen without the use of punctuation marks Reading would not be easy. It will be a struggle to read and understand It will waste so much time. The simple exercise above ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop student testimonial

My TalkShop Experience: A Student’s Testimonial

I really enjoyed my stay at TalkShop. I’ve learned a lot from the experience. At first, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect from the communication program ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Impressing Employers Tips

What Truly Impresses Potential Employers

It is an employers’ market. It is therefore crucial for job seekers to impress their interviewers throughout the interview. It starts out with the resume. Once, an interview is set, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop English Grammar Tips

5 Easy Tips on How to Master English Grammar

English grammar is exceptionally important in social settings as well as in business. It goes without saying, therefore, that you must take the time to properly learn it. Grammar is ... Continue Reading →

Honing the Technical Writing Skills of Engineers at Fujitsu Ten

Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines has once again partnered with TalkShop to conduct the training of its new hires.  TalkShop has been working with FTCP since 2010 on various ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop Makes Technical Writing Fun

The point of technical writing is to transmit technical information clearly.  In doing so, one must first identify his readers and the reason he is writing to them.   The purpose, ... Continue Reading →

Technical Writing Training Made Simple

TalkShop, pioneer of Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) delivers the most interactive and meaningful technical writing training.  Participants from Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the ... Continue Reading →

PNOC Testimonials: Business Writing and Grammar Mastery (Batch 2)

TalkShop Business Writing and Grammar Mastery Training ,  22-24 October 2013, Key Officers, Researchers, Analysts, Lawyers – Philippine National Oil Company, Bonifacio Global ... Continue Reading →