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How to Write Compelling Cover Letters

Recruitment offices are swamped with mail for job openings. With the stiff competition, applicants face tough times at every phase of the job search. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO recommends, ... Continue Reading →
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Wardrobe Essentials for Your Next Interview

Being ready for an interview also means having the right wardrobe for it. Clothes do communicate a message. TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca explains, “The way one presents himself creates ... Continue Reading →
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What Interviewers Should Watch For

Beyond an applicant’s answers, his behavior and mannerisms during the interview are equally telling. Recruiters need to observe certain tells and read the body language of applicants ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop job interview tips

Do You Have Executive Presence?

Interviewers look for executive presence when gauging job applicants. Executive presence is the intangible quality that comes across as confidence and competence. It is the impression ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop job interview tips

Why Looking Gaudy Can Cost You The Job

Getting ready for the job interview? What comes to mind first is how to present one’s self with the appropriate clothes. After all, one should look the total package with a polished, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop job interview tips

Why Smooth Talkers Fail at Job Interviews

Being too talkative can backfire even during a job interview. The glib talking may initially impress. Soon enough, it becomes tiresome, inappropriate, and unprofessional. How does one ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop job interview tips

Why People Fail in Job Interviews

With the dearth of jobs these days, a call for an interview can come rarely. When a call comes through, one should make the most of the situation. A candidate is given just a short ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop job interview tips

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Your resume is your passport to the corporate world. Indeed, a purposeful job search starts with you submitting a well-organized resume. One must therefore make an effort to put together ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop job interview tips

Fashion Blunders at a Job Interview

The job interview requires one to dress up confidently and look every bit a professional. But many fail this fashion test as it is rarely taught in school. How does one project an image ... Continue Reading →
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What Every Job Applicant Must Know

Each year, more and more people are joining the ranks of the unemployed, making job- hunting a frustrating process. Yet, there are those that land the job. What spells the difference ... Continue Reading →