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Attractiveness and the Leadership Quotient

Studies show the link between attractiveness and leadership. It is a primal instinct to associate good qualities with attractiveness. Today, looks do matter, with more attractive people ... Continue Reading →
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Leadership Training Begins at Home

A school’s curriculum is based mostly on academics. Leadership is hardly ever taught. Parents do not realize that this skill takes roots at home. It is therefore imperative for parents ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Sports Shape Character

Do You Believe Sports Develop Character?

People react differently towards sports. While many believe that it can shape character, some may view may view it as a waste of time and energy. Still, many believe it can shape character. ... Continue Reading →
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The 10 Things Managers Need Not Know About Their People

People spend most of their waking hours at the workplace. Invariably, connections are made on the business level, while friendships are likewise forged. It is best to be able to establish ... Continue Reading →
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The Way of Leader: Intropections for Effective and Authentic Leadership

As a leader, find time to quietly reflect and evaluate yourself by answering these questions on effective and authentic leadership: A. On relationships 1. Do I make it my business to ... Continue Reading →
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10 Characteristics of Good Leadership

Leadership is a gift. And therefore, once it is discovered or enhanced in oneself, the leader’s purpose is concentrated on making a positive difference in the life and situations ... Continue Reading →
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Skills Leaders Need in 2014

The changing times require leaders to adapt. World events, environmental concerns, and globalization make us realize our interconnectedness in the face of more demanding challenges. ... Continue Reading →
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The 10 Daily Habits of Great Leaders

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, it is a habit.” This makes one reflect about the daily routine, priorities, and behavior and how ... Continue Reading →
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Every Leader Must Learn to Coach

A leader is made from a special mold with the extraordinary task cut out for him. He needs to steer his team towards a shared purpose and vision. A leader takes on the added challenge ... Continue Reading →
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Leadership Training that Works

Any organization needs managers and leaders. One is different from the other. Managers are characterized by their focus on process and authority. Leaders are a special breed altogether. ... Continue Reading →