TalkShop personality tips

10 TalkShop Tips to Improve One’s Personality

Opportunities abound to improve one’s personality, and there is simply so much to learn from others and the world. Improving personal effectiveness through personality development ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops by TalkShop at FullyBooked

This Summer, FullyBooked at Bonifacio Global City is featuring TalkShop, the country’s premier training institute for English programs and corporate communication. Sheila Viesca, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop right corporate image

How to Promote the Right Corporate Image

The image of the company reflects its professionalism and the quality of service it offers. Thus, promoting the right corporate image is both important and critical. It is not easy ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop antisocial personality development training

8 Ways on How NOT to be Antisocial

Is your idea of a social night playing Xbox Live? Did you spend your prom in a corner imagining how to improve the God-awful punch but ending up saying “Hmmm this isn’t really that ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop personality development

What Does Personality Development Training Do?

It seems very easy to say: Be yourself. However, in many social settings, that can seem like the hardest thing to do. Why so? Seeing new people with different personalities can be disarming. ... Continue Reading →