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What Top Executives Should Never Wear

The way a person dresses speaks volumes about himself. Unavoidably, each person is gauged by how he dresses and carries himself. These hint at his professionalism, stature, level of ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop antisocial personality development training

8 Ways on How NOT to be Antisocial

Is your idea of a social night playing Xbox Live? Did you spend your prom in a corner imagining how to improve the God-awful punch but ending up saying “Hmmm this isn’t really that ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop successful look tips

The Top 5 Tips for the Successful Look

The more confident you are about the way you look, the more constructive and productive you can be. Looks alone do not tell much about one’s character, more so about his skills. You ... Continue Reading →
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What Does Personality Development Training Do?

It seems very easy to say: Be yourself. However, in many social settings, that can seem like the hardest thing to do. Why so? Seeing new people with different personalities can be disarming. ... Continue Reading →
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Personality Development Training for the Prom

TalkShop delivers its Personality Development Training to students who are getting ready for their Junior-Senior Prom. With TalkShop’s Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) approach, ... Continue Reading →
Building self esteem

The Top 3 Self-Esteem Building Secrets

The level of the leader’s self-esteem can determine how successful he will be at what he does and how inspiring he will be to the people he leads. Self-esteem drives the leader to ... Continue Reading →