TalkShop teaching gifted child tips

What Competencies Can You Teach a Gifted Child?

While every child is created equal, there is no one size fits all as far as capabilities are concerned. Parents of gifted children recognize early on the traits of a genius – quick ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Personality Tips

10 Ways Your Personality Speaks Even Before You Do

People judge others on the first few seconds of an encounter. Hence, even before one speaks, an impression has already been formed in another’s mind. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Personality Tips

What Makes a Good Personality

Many people associate personality with looks. An attractive person is therefore thought of as someone with a pleasing personality. That is just scratching the surface. Sheila Viesca, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop personality tips

10 TalkShop Tips to Improve One’s Personality

Opportunities abound to improve one’s personality, and there is simply so much to learn from others and the world. Improving personal effectiveness through personality development ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop different personality types

How to Say NO to the Different Personality Types

We encounter people in our work setting or social circle who are drawn to us but who we particularly do not like or want to be with. This is most challenging when we need to say no ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop antisocial personality development training

8 Ways on How NOT to be Antisocial

Is your idea of a social night playing Xbox Live? Did you spend your prom in a corner imagining how to improve the God-awful punch but ending up saying “Hmmm this isn’t really that ... Continue Reading →