Mastering the Art of Events Hosting

You hear your name called out and you make your way to the stage. The audience greets you with applause. The lights shine brightly on your face. The microphone quivers in your sweaty ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop public speaking fear tips

What to Do When Faced with the Fear of Public Speaking

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking is common. Speaking before an audience is indeed dreaded by many. It is viewed as an ordeal that one must get done with, the sooner the better. Stage ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking Skills Increase One’s Sex Appeal

A person’s voice forms part of his attractiveness. Indeed, a person’s voice can be described as sexy, husky, distinct, and appealing. Beyond his voice, communication skills enhance ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop speech tips

10 Best Speech Topics during a Welcome Dinner

A welcome dinner is always capped by a speech. By the time this comes around, the audience would have enjoyed the food and drinks. The welcome speech should blend in with the light ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Impressing Employers Tips

What Truly Impresses Potential Employers

It is an employers’ market. It is therefore crucial for job seekers to impress their interviewers throughout the interview. It starts out with the resume. Once, an interview is set, ... Continue Reading →

What Every Public Speaker Should Know

Sheila Viesca , CEO of TalkShop is also concurrent President of Executive ToastMasters under Toastmasters International.  In her younger years, she shares, “I was very shy. I did ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops by TalkShop at FullyBooked

This Summer, FullyBooked at Bonifacio Global City is featuring TalkShop, the country’s premier training institute for English programs and corporate communication. Sheila Viesca, ... Continue Reading →

Manulife Financials Testimonials: Speech and Presentation Mastery for Managers

Manulife Financials,one of the country’s oldest and top life insurance firms providing innovative financial products and professional service, partners with TalkShop in a ... Continue Reading →

Peregrine DC Testimonials: Creative Writing for Online Social Marketing

 The Content Writers, Marketers, and Admin Officers of Peregrine Group of Companies share their thoughts on their experience at TalkShop’s WorkShop in  Creative Writing for ... Continue Reading →