DO NOT READ If You Think Beauty Pageants are Irrelevant

Empowerment. Unity. World peace. These ideals have defined and preoccupied the human race for centuries. Through politics, revolutions, and various social struggles, we’ve built ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop formal dinner tips

What NOT to Do at a Formal Dinner

One gauge of a person’s breeding is how he behaves at a formal dinner. Formal affairs require fine table manners that can be acquired through training and experience. Sheila Viesca, ... Continue Reading →

What to do When Invited to a Formal Party

When one receives an invite to a formal party, thoughts immediately turn to what to wear. The invite bears the clues – formality of the invitation, time of day, venue, and even suggested ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop image enhancement

How to Acquire the Power Image

Protocol and etiquette are essential in social and business situations.  In both, a professional image completes the picture. There is etiquette that is practiced for answering the ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Social Graces and Fine Dining Etiquette

The Art of Social Graces

While many regard etiquette or social graces as outdated, it still holds sway in the social and business world where civility rules. “Indeed, social graces will never go out of style. ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Executive Management Program Summer Workshop

TalkShop Offers Executive Management Programs

TalkShop, the premier training institute for corporate training, communication excellence, and personal effectiveness offers a series of Executive Management Programs (EMP) this Summer. ... Continue Reading →