Social Media Ethics

WHENEVER YOU ARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA, OBSERVE ETHICS Social Media enables anyone with internet access to create relationships with varied audiences, form bonds within communities, and ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop building online presence tips

A Check on Your Online Presence

Social media connects the world 24/7, offering vast potential. Not only does it afford global reach, it is the fastest, most economical way to reach target markets. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Publishing tips

How to Navigate the Publishing World

Are you aspiring to write your own book one day? Do you already have the manuscript but are clueless as to how to proceed? Have you been rejected time and again by publishers, and are ... Continue Reading →

Peregrine DC Testimonials: Creative Writing for Online Social Marketing

 The Content Writers, Marketers, and Admin Officers of Peregrine Group of Companies share their thoughts on their experience at TalkShop’s WorkShop in  Creative Writing for ... Continue Reading →