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Cutthroat Competition Will Not Make You Win the Promotion

The level of engagement in today’s workplace may be intense and rough but the means to connect and communicate remain soft and polished. Multitasking, heavier workloads, and highly ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop developing your full potential

The 7 Ways to Develop Your Full Potential

People who set goals know where they are going. They live with a purpose that serves as a roadmap. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, “Aiming for success requires time, focus, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership During Trying Times

In tough times, all eyes are on the leader. While pressure can move some leaders to blame and intimidate their staff, true leaders take control of the situation. They remain unfazed ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop leadership tips

Leadership Training Begins at Home

A school’s curriculum is based mostly on academics. Leadership is hardly ever taught. Parents do not realize that this skill takes roots at home. It is therefore imperative for parents ... Continue Reading →
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5 Key Secrets that Get People Promoted

Have you been passed up for a promotion? Are you being overshadowed by younger peers? Have you been wondering what it truly takes to move up the corporate ladder? Sheila Viesca, TalkShop ... Continue Reading →
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10 Characteristics of Good Leadership

Leadership is a gift. And therefore, once it is discovered or enhanced in oneself, the leader’s purpose is concentrated on making a positive difference in the life and situations ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Leadership Skills

Skills Leaders Need in 2014

The changing times require leaders to adapt. World events, environmental concerns, and globalization make us realize our interconnectedness in the face of more demanding challenges. ... Continue Reading →
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Leadership Training that Works

Any organization needs managers and leaders. One is different from the other. Managers are characterized by their focus on process and authority. Leaders are a special breed altogether. ... Continue Reading →