TalkShop success tips

How to Gesture Your Way to Success

Not many people realize that body language accounts for 60% of communication, 33% for tone of voice, and only 7% for words used. One knows this instinctively and picks up signals in ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop leaders mistake tips

The 10 Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid

A leader should learn to do a juggling act- handling his own load on top of leading his team. Along the way, he has to manage and prioritize. Being a leader entails making decisions ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Professional Profiling

How Professional Profiling Works

TalkShop has beefed up its training programs for HR practitioners with Professional Profiling requirements. The program aims to empower corporate professionals, HR executives, and head ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Hiring Winner Tips

The Art of Hiring Winners

People are a company’s best asset. As such, it is key for recruiters to be able to evaluate job seekers accurately to choose the best. While a job description is useful, it takes ... Continue Reading →