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Think English When You Speak English

The way to realizing English fluency is for one to immerse in it. In short, one should be surrounded by English communication tools. Read English books, newspapers, and magazines, watch ... Continue Reading →
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Strike Out Words That Erode Confidence

As one trains the mind to think positively, so must he improve his vocabulary to project the right impression and attract the right opportunities. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, ... Continue Reading →
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What to Do When Faced with the Fear of Public Speaking

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking is common. Speaking before an audience is indeed dreaded by many. It is viewed as an ordeal that one must get done with, the sooner the better. Stage ... Continue Reading →
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Public Speaking Skills Increase One’s Sex Appeal

A person’s voice forms part of his attractiveness. Indeed, a person’s voice can be described as sexy, husky, distinct, and appealing. Beyond his voice, communication skills enhance ... Continue Reading →
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10 Best Speech Topics during a Welcome Dinner

A welcome dinner is always capped by a speech. By the time this comes around, the audience would have enjoyed the food and drinks. The welcome speech should blend in with the light ... Continue Reading →
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Great Tips for Introverts

Extroverts are the life of the party. They draw strength from being with people who admire them for their charisma and popularity. Introverts who prefer solitude have their quiet strengths. ... Continue Reading →