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Most Common Punctuation Mistakes

What would happen without the use of punctuation marks Reading would not be easy. It will be a struggle to read and understand It will waste so much time. The simple exercise above ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Writer Block Tips

What You Can Do When Faced With Writer’s Block

The consoling thought about writer’s block is that it is fleeting. But on tough situations, a writer still has to find ways to meet his deadline. When no ideas come to mind and one ... Continue Reading →
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Writing with Fluency and Joy

Through his career, a writer discovers the many joys of writing. He experiences “flow,” that state of high when writing comes easy, smoothly, and naturally. He stays glued to his ... Continue Reading →
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How to Excel in Technical Writing

Technical writing does not have to be dull. Though it does not adopt the personal touch nor emotion-laden tone, the challenge is for technical writers to be creative as well. Sheila ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Creative Technical Writing

Creative Thinking for Technical Writing

Technical writing aims to inform, instruct, and move the reader into action. It is adopted for do-it-yourself (DIY) books, how-to manuals, and instructional guides. Unlike creative ... Continue Reading →
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Top 10 Technical Writing Tips

Technical writers have a special place in today’s world. They are in demand for science and academic papers, catalogues, business correspondence and proposals, as well as abstracts. ... Continue Reading →