TalkShop's Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops in TalkShop

Beat the Heat this Summer with fun and meaningful learning. Enroll in TalkShop’s Summer Workshops. Avail the 1-week Intensive Program or the 3-week Comprehensive Package. For ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Grow Old Successfully

How to Grow Old Successfully

MAKE YOUR SECOND PRIME YOUR BEST TIME The world has a growing population of seniors propelled by the advent of technology and medical breakthroughs. TalkShop now offers a comprehensive ... Continue Reading →

Why Speak English?

Communication Excellence is a fundamental skill everyone can possess through effective training, guided application, and practice of the English language. TalkShop points out the three ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop right corporate image

How to Promote the Right Corporate Image

The image of the company reflects its professionalism and the quality of service it offers. Thus, promoting the right corporate image is both important and critical. It is not easy ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop speed reading

Master Speed Reading Skills

Reading is fun, but it can be time-consuming if you are not a fast reader. To lessen the time you spend reading a book, magazine, or newspaper, you have to improve your speed, and along ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Negotiation Skills Training

TalkShop’s Advanced Negotiation Training Tackles the Different Personality Types

Different personality types vary in their negotiation styles and approaches. It pays to know not only the skills and mechanics involved, but the personalities as well. Most importantly, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop personality improvement tips

How to Improve your Personality

An individual’s personality strongly influences his behavior, choices, and opportunities. Personality is the overall complexion of what makes a person unique. David Funder, a psychology ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop creative writing

Creative Writing Tips from Famous Authors

Are you having a difficult time getting a head start in your writing? Don’t worry because you are not alone; even famous writers experience the same thing. Pursuing your creative ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop English Grammar Tips

5 Easy Tips on How to Master English Grammar

English grammar is exceptionally important in social settings as well as in business. It goes without saying, therefore, that you must take the time to properly learn it. Grammar is ... Continue Reading →

Tips to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

In making negotiations, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. In fact, the best way to close a deal is through a mutually beneficial collaboration between both parties and not ... Continue Reading →