How to Handle Conflicts in the Workplace

One of the most challenging tasks of a leader is to drive teamwork. With so many personality types in the mix, conflicts are bound to happen. TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca advises, “Anything ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop punctuation tips

Most Common Punctuation Mistakes

What would happen without the use of punctuation marks Reading would not be easy. It will be a struggle to read and understand It will waste so much time. The simple exercise above ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop art of writing tips

Anyone Can Master the Art of Writing Well

Writing is not just for writers. In school, one has to tackle essay type exams, write a thesis, come up with analyses. At work, one has to prepare progress reports, compose business ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Writer Block Tips

What You Can Do When Faced With Writer’s Block

The consoling thought about writer’s block is that it is fleeting. But on tough situations, a writer still has to find ways to meet his deadline. When no ideas come to mind and one ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop writing tips

Writing with Fluency and Joy

Through his career, a writer discovers the many joys of writing. He experiences “flow,” that state of high when writing comes easy, smoothly, and naturally. He stays glued to his ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop effective technical writing

How to Excel in Technical Writing

Technical writing does not have to be dull. Though it does not adopt the personal touch nor emotion-laden tone, the challenge is for technical writers to be creative as well. Sheila ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Creative Technical Writing

Creative Thinking for Technical Writing

Technical writing aims to inform, instruct, and move the reader into action. It is adopted for do-it-yourself (DIY) books, how-to manuals, and instructional guides. Unlike creative ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop technical writing tips

Top 10 Technical Writing Tips

Technical writers have a special place in today’s world. They are in demand for science and academic papers, catalogues, business correspondence and proposals, as well as abstracts. ... Continue Reading →

Honing the Technical Writing Skills of Engineers at Fujitsu Ten

Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines has once again partnered with TalkShop to conduct the training of its new hires.  TalkShop has been working with FTCP since 2010 on various ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop Makes Technical Writing Fun

The point of technical writing is to transmit technical information clearly.  In doing so, one must first identify his readers and the reason he is writing to them.   The purpose, ... Continue Reading →