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Spruce Up Your Writing

Work requires much writing. Memos, reports, analyses, presentations require one to compose his thoughts and express his message effectively. More so for those in marketing, communication, ... Continue Reading →
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Anyone Can Master the Art of Writing Well

Writing is not just for writers. In school, one has to tackle essay type exams, write a thesis, come up with analyses. At work, one has to prepare progress reports, compose business ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Writer Block Tips

What You Can Do When Faced With Writer’s Block

The consoling thought about writer’s block is that it is fleeting. But on tough situations, a writer still has to find ways to meet his deadline. When no ideas come to mind and one ... Continue Reading →
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What is a Creative Writing Class at TalkShop?

Creative writing can be all together purposive, inspiring, and fun. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, “To be able to write well requires discipline. Establishing a routine and ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop writing tips

Writing with Fluency and Joy

Through his career, a writer discovers the many joys of writing. He experiences “flow,” that state of high when writing comes easy, smoothly, and naturally. He stays glued to his ... Continue Reading →
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How to Navigate the Publishing World

Are you aspiring to write your own book one day? Do you already have the manuscript but are clueless as to how to proceed? Have you been rejected time and again by publishers, and are ... Continue Reading →
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What You Should Know About Creative Writing

Creative writing is a form of writing that allows one to find his voice to express his ideas, views, and feelings. There are many forms of creative writing. No matter which genre one ... Continue Reading →
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Creative Writing Tips from Famous Authors

Are you having a difficult time getting a head start in your writing? Don’t worry because you are not alone; even famous writers experience the same thing. Pursuing your creative ... Continue Reading →