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TalkShop Exceptional Customer Service TrainingExcellent Customer Service is not easy to master. And it definitely does not happen overnight. TalkShop, the leading provider of personal effectiveness trainings, recognize the importance of individual commitment in making service excellence happen consistently. TalkShop Consultants Robert Borjal and Martin Yu wow the Department of Transportation and Communication-MRT3 participants with their progressive and innovative take on delivering the best service to customers.

TalkShop has been the choice provider of top corporations, businesses, and government institutions who invest in targeted workshop designs that bring out the best in their people.

Participants share their TalkShop wow experience and AHA moments:

Paulo S. Dela Cruz, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3

The TalkShop workshop is fun, educational, and lively. I learned a lot from Martin and Robert who are very good, approachable, and energetic speakers. They taught us how to properly approach customers and respond to situations using body language. I hope there will be more trainings in customer relations from TalkShop.

Leonid Deza, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3

I learned many fun and cool things as well as values of many people. The workshop is fun and the topics were easy to understand. Martin and Robert are good speakers and knowledgeable of the topics. I let go of my fears and be careful of my gestures. The TalkShop workshop is truly well done.

Rico DR Hermogenez, Station Supervisor, DOTC-MRT 3

Martin and Robert taught us the importance of values, body language, the 3Cs, the importance of listening, and what to say when you are in a particular situation. All of topics are new to me. They are very good. Now I know how to adapt to a particular types of passengers and become a better person. I hope to be part of TalkShop’s public speaking and even anger management wokshops.

Josephine C. Julio, Station Division, DOTC-MRT 3

I am glad to have this kind of Exceptional Customer Service Training. It is my opportunity to gain knowledge and adopt new techniques on how to handle different passengers. The TalkShop training is excellent. Martin and Robert, congrats for being our consultants. Now I am aware of how to use effective communication and body language. I hope to learn more about stress management.

Irene Luna, Station Supervisor, DOTC-MRT 3

TalkShop exceeded my expectations. I learned more about customer service and body language. The way Martin and Robert taught is modern. They are both young and experienced consultants. Also, they discussed the topics well. Now I know that I am an excellent front liner. I will keep it in mind and heart. Thank you for this seminar, TalkShop.

Jeanette Maglines, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3

I have learned more techniques on how to handle irritated and arrogant passengers. I now know how to deal with them appropriately. I enjoyed the discussions. The TalkShop workshop is really organized and I liked the role playing parts the most. Martin and Robert are good trainers; they delivered topics and teach well. I am thankful to TalkShop and DOTC-RT3 for this training.

Richard O. Magno, DOTC-MRT 3

To value the company, work, and customers is one thing I learned from Martin and Robert. They are good instructors and professional speakers. I am now motivated after attending this workshop. TalkShop is the best training institute.

Joseph Ryan B. Mendoza, DOTC-MRT 3

I learned a lot from TalkShop because we now know the techniques and knowledge, as well as the tools to communicate with the customers and passengers without hurting their feelings. I definitely like the topic on the 3Cs. Martin and Robert are excellent. A job well done to both and to TalkShop.

Raymond M. Mendoza, DOTC-MRT 3

I learned how to improve myself and the services we offer to our customers. Martin and Robert are excellent. Everything about this TalkShop workshop is excellent!

Ofelia E. Mutya, DOTC-MRT 3

The workshop is great and I like most of those ideas that teach us to listen and not give negative answers. I like the role playing sessions of the workshop. Martin and Robert are fantastic. They taught us well. They taught us gestures and to have a positive outlook in life by always giving customers a sweet smile. No need for improvements, TalkShop. You are excellent!

Humphrey M. Ofilan, DOTC-MRT 3

The workshop is well organized. Everybody is cooperative and all ears. Martin and Robert are very creative, fluent, and intelligent. They helped me gain fluency in my communication skills. TalkShop is excellent!

Adel C. Osio, Train Driver, DOTC-MRT 3

In this workshop, I learned how to listen and be more efficient. The workshop is well organized and excellent. Always listen first before giving any negative comments. Martin and Robert are excellent consultants. TalkShop, now I have done this workshop, all I have to do is apply the knowledge when I’m in any situation.

Michael C. Pagsanjan, DOTC-MRT 3

It is my first time to be in a customer service workshop. I am thankful because I learned new ideas and how to interact the proper way with other people. The design of the workshop is excellent. The topics are easy to absorb. Martin and Robert are brilliant and smart. The workshop is really exceptional. I learned a lot from TalkShop!

Marissa Pascua, DOTC-MRT 3

Thank you so much for everything, we learned a lot, Sir Martin and Sir Robert. TalkShop is the best training outfit. The consultants are very good TalkShop consultants. They gave us the chance to participate actively in workshops and I am now more confident.

Jane Maurice P. Ramos, DOTC-MRT 3

I was part of this customer service workshop because this seminar is important to our job especially to the ticket sellers. We are the ones handling the situation between the passenger and teller. I learned a lot of things in this seminar like how to tolerate passengers and be patient with them. All of the learning from the workshop was applicable to me as a front liner. Martin and Robert are very informative and excellent. Thank you TalkShop Team, I learned so much from you.

Sherry Rangel, DOTC-MRT 3

The workshop is very creative. We were taught to think positive. Martin and Robert are great TalkShop consultants. Good job.

John Denver B. Rapada, TD, DOTC-MRT 3

The design of the workshop is systematic and accurate. I like the topic on body language the most. Martin and Robert are impressive TalkShop consultants. I listened to them on how to become a successful employee of DOTC-MRT 3. I want to improve my communication skills further.

Ferdinand Raymundo, DOTC-MRT 3

I attended TalkShop to improve myself and my knowledge. I gained knowledge and appreciation of my values. I learned a lot from Martin and Robert who are excellent. I am now more aware of my actions. Thank you, TalkShop!

Mark Anthony Rey, DOTC-MRT 3

To be honest, there was a memo and that’s why I am here. But I realized that I learned so much and I gained more knowledge of customer service. I like the topics on values and I love the role playing. Martin and Robert are excellent consultants. I am now aware of my words and my behavior, TalkShop. Thank you.

Candelaria S. Romulo, DOTC-MRT 3

I was in this workshop to learn how to handle myself in front of customers. I know more about customer service in this workshop. It’s different from the other workshops I attended. I like all the topics discussed in the workshop and there is never a dull moment. Sir Martin and Sir Robert are good TalkShop consultants. Thanks to them I learned how to be calm and handle passengers with different attitudes.

Mark Edcel Sabordo, Train Driver, DOTC-MRT 3

Everything about this workshop is excellent. The TalkShop consultants, Martin and Robert, are excellent especially during discussions; they gave us essential tips on how to communicate with customers.

Aurea S. Santidad, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3

In this workshop, I learned how to handle customers better. I also learned how to use different gestures that can be applied in our workplace. Martin and Robert are excellent speakers, they also taught us techniques and giving customer care and satisfaction. Excellent work, TalkShop!

Roudolph Sison, Ticket Seller II, DOTC-MRT 3

I learned all strategies in customer service. I gained more knowledge and experience after attending this workshop. The 3Cs and saying no with a yes are the coolest lessons I learned so far. Martin and Robert are great TalkShop consultants, they helped me change my gestures and attitude.

Maria Carmela C. Toca, Cashier II, DOTC-MRT 3

It is a good idea for this company to have this kind of seminar. We took part in all the activities without hesitation. The design of the workshop is good and organized. Martin and Robert are well-prepared. I now have an idea of what gestures and techniques to use in dealing with customers. TalkShop you are really excellent!

Fe C. Vicencio, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3

I learned a lot in this 2-day workshop. The workshop is truly well-done. Martin and Robert are excellent speakers. I am now more patient after attending this workshop. TalKShop, I hope to learn more about handling difficult passengers in the future.

Grace C. Zuniga, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3

I am engaged in customer service because it is my passion to serve and deal with different people. All the learning are valuable and precious to me. All the areas of this TalkShop workshop are excellent like the speakers: Martin and Robert. A big to thank you to them and to TalkShop, I am now more aware of my body language as I uphold and value the vision of my company.

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