The Philippines’ Presidential Management Staff Get TalkShop-Trained

PNOC Heads and Division Chiefs Complete their TalkShop Training

The Philippines’ Presidential Management Staff Get TalkShop-Trained
January 17, 2014

TalkShop has been chosen as the Personality Development trainer of the Philippines’ Presidential Management Staff (PMS) consisting of researchers, analysts, and legal officers who report directly to the Office of the President.

The Presidential Management Staff, an agency attached to Malacanang, is tasked to manage the development and formulation of the projects and policies of the Office of the President.

TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca leads her team in customizing and conducting the most suitable image and personal improvement workshop for the officers and lawyers who are constantly tasked to give their most intelligent performance as they provide staff support to the President for policy and management matters that cut across the broad spectrum of concerns: social and economic reforms, poverty alleviation, people empowerment, labor, education, welfare and development, infrastructure, agriculture, trade, industry, tourism, environment, judicial reforms, energy, and energizing the bureaucracy, among others.

PMS participants rave about their TalkShop experience:

 Julius P. Alegrado, Atty. V, Presidential Management Staff


The Personality Development Workshop is very informative and helpful to employees of PMS because it aids us in understanding and dealing effectively with our co-employees. TalkShop has given us the opportunity to reassess ourselves. TalkShop consultants Ms. Sheila Viesca and Martin Yu are very competent and excellent communicators. Thanks to them, I was able to introspect on my own strengths and weaknesses.

Fiona M. Amatorio, PSO IV, Presidential Management Staff


                This was actually a refresher course for me especially on the types of personalities as these were part of my psychology course in college. The modules are effective, informative, and extensive. The techniques used in the workshop are appropriate. Sheila practices what she preaches. She is very effective in delivering her piece. Now I get to understand my colleagues more and other people outside the office. I would like to be part of their Technical Writing workshop. Nice job, TalkShop!

Maricel Arrogante, PSO II, Presidential Management Staff


I like all the topics discussed in the workshop. I particularly liked drawing the tree in our Archetype topic.  It opened doors for realization, I used to think I am a creative thinker because I am a creative writer, I learned I am an analytical thinker. It’s true, I think a lot sometimes. Sheila is articulate and knows what she’s saying. I hope I could learn more on the Enneagram in future trainings with TalkShop.



Hazel B. Bilo, PSO III, Presidential Management Staff


TalkShop’s Personality Development workshop was a lot of fun. Sheila Viesca and Martin were able to discuss the topics fluently and intelligently. It provided a lot of information to the participants. It was very informative. I learned a lot from the workshop like the Enneagram and Archetypes and how they apply to me and other people. The topics discussed were important to all of us. They reminded us of who we really are and how to deal with others. From now on, I think I really have to be conscious about myself, my looks, gestures, and personality. Excellent workshop, TalkShop! I really liked it.



Jane Calar, OAS-MIS, Presidential Management Staff


                Job well done, TalkShop. The workshop was organized and orderly. The topics I liked most are building self-esteem,  applying verbal yoga, and learning body postures. Through his TalkShop workshop, I was helped to develop my personality and communicate with high self-esteem. Sheila and Martin delivered the topics clearly and are very lively speakers. Thank you, TalkShop, I hope to join more seminrs where I can learn how to communicate effectively.

Ruel Casino, ORC, Presidential Management Staff


The topics in his Personality Development workshop are relevant to our work. Ideas that were presented are new. They also serve as a guide for developing one’s personality with an objective to maximize the use of one’s potentials. Ms. Sheila and Martin are effective communicators. I will use personal affirmations in the future, TalkShop. Thank you, excellent work.

Arvin G. Carandang, Chief Admin Officer, Presidential Management Staff


Wow, TalkShop! I never thought I can be profiled so easily. It was certainly nice to have a resource person who is not only good looking but equally intelligent and knowledge. Sheila and Martin are both great and make a wonderful team. I learned a lot from them. The personality and communication training made me realize that it is not enough that we are good in writing or speaking or interviewing alone. If we want everything to work in sync, personal effectiveness is what we should be aiming for. I believe that the workshop will make me more sensitive to others’ personalities, traits and feelings. Hopefully, I could be part of TalkShop’s Body Language workshop.



Blesilda B. Cruz, PSD VI, Presidential Management Staff


I learned so much about myself and the people I work with. I appreciated my strengths and more and the bountiful opportunities I can grab to improve and become a better public servant. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable of the topic and relates well to her audience because she is an effective communicator. Truly TalkShop is a powerhouse of knowledge and competence. Great work! I hope we can have more of your training programs in the future!

Management Staff


Through this TalkShop workshop, I understood myself better, as well as my strengths and weaknesses. I like the exercises that we did and answered. The exercises and diagnostic materials are really great. The speakers, Sheila and Martin, are highly competent, knowledgeable, and not boring. Now I know how to deal with others based on my personality. I would like to be part of a verbal communication workshop in the future.

Carmela Alva F. De Guzman, AO IV, Presidential Management Staff


This training is very informative. I learned a lot from TalkShop. The workshop was very well executed.  I have learned that your personality doesn’t change. You may fake it but eventually your true personality will be there. I am very inspired to do my job well and to work with my colleagues with integrity.

Seth Florendo, PSO II, Presidential Management Staff


I think the training would be as useful for supervisors or division chiefs. TalkShop can truly prepare us to develop our assets and strengths as subordinates. I liked the first part of the training which is self-esteem, body posture, and protocol training. In the future, hopefully with TalkShop, I want to improve my speaking skills as well as learn a new language.

Tienan Donnabel Gabaldon, PSO V, Presidential Management Staff


I learned so much about influences and concerns especially about the people around us who either drain or influence us. I also learned how to utilize and deal with people as necessary. I like the interactive parts of the workshop the most. It made me get close or at least learn about a particular person who is usually silent. Sheila and Martin explain and put their points across quite clearly. I would like to learn another language or improve in the following areas: speech, physical attributes and writing skills. Thank you for the excellent training, TalkShop. It reminded me of my positive points which I have forgotten. Till our next meeting.

Christian R. Labrador, AOII, Presidential Management Staff Staff


Given more time, I think I can learn more fromTakjShop. I particularly liked the discussion on the Enneagram because it is reflective of our individual personalities. Well done workshop, TalkShop!

Erick Macapagal, ORC, Presidential Management Staff


The workshop is excellent.  TalkShop is the best. Hopefully there will be more intense training sessions from tomorrow soon.

Rei Maranda, EA II, Presidential Management Staff


Sheila Viesca is one of the best communication coaches I have ever encountered. It would be great to have her in PMS every quarter. I think the Enneagram profiling was very enlightening. More technical and creative writing workshops, please. They are very relevant to PMS. Very informative workshop, TalkShop!

Ramela D. Nival, PSA, Presidential Management Staff


The workshop was excellent, TalkShop! I wish there were more examples and time during the training. I will definitely sign up when TalkShop conducts trainings for PMS in the future.

Andrew James F. Parungao, PSO II, Presidential Management Staff


TalkShop’s Personality Development workshop is very enlightening. I learned a lot not only how to carry myself, but especially about personality types. It helped me to be more self-aware. I also liked the non-verbal communication topics. Sheila is very competent and shared a lot of knowledge and insights. I have become more mindful and responsible when dealing with people.

Reinnar Allan Rangel, Admin Asst. II, Presidential Management Staff


I liked the Body Posture and Protocol Training topics. Sheila and Martin are knowledgeable and effective. Overall, the TalkShop workshop is excellent.

Herminia D. Rosanes, PSO IV, Presidential Management Staff


I have learned how to build self-confidence and how to get along with people of different personalities. Sheila and Martin are excellent. The design is excellent especially with regard knowing the different individual personalities. TalkShop helped me realized my personality and how to make adjustments to improve my attitude and interpersonal skills.

Joshua Sampoli, AO II, Presidential Management Staff


                This TalkShop workshop is very timely for me because I am having problems with my friends right now. I hope to resolve the issue we are facing after learning the topics. I got to know myself better. Sheila and Martin are brilliant. I hope to improve my way of speaking to people.  Thank you TalkShop for this brilliant and fantastic workshop!

Fides San Buenaventura, Presidential Management Staff


Sheila and Martin are really good consultants and I learned a lot from them. I hope to improve my grammar and presentation skills in the future. Excellent workshop, TalkShop!  All the best!

Jonathan Sto. Tomas, AAV, Presidential Management Staff


I learned a lot! The design is the best! Sheila and Martin are excellent. Thanks to them, I will shed light to my shadows. Keep up the good work, TalkShop!

Raphaela Marie Tan, Administrative Assistant III, PMS


The workshop was designed so that the participants would be active and engage in the lecture and in the activities. I learned a lot and it was a lot of fun. It was very informative but not to the point that it becomes too academic that it becomes boring. If I were to give a grade to Sheila and Martin it will be A++! Very good! Keep it up! Seriously, the consultants are very entertaining as an effective consultant should be, and very witty. TalkShop is excellent!

Mary Ann Torio, AO III, Presidential Management Staff


I learned a ton from this training. I learned that how people perceive you is very important, as much as how you perceive yourself. The design of the workshop is excellent, fun, and informative. The personality inventory and the activity on the six archetypal personalities are the areas I like most. Sheila and Martin are experts in their field. They helped me discover who I am, accept and affirm my strengths, and do something about my weakness. They are also entertaining and informative. I could now conduct myself with more confidence, walk properly, communicate without compromising my ideas. Excellent workshop, TalkShop! Lots of information to share! We are grateful for this opportunity!

Noelle Velasquez, PSO III, Presidential Management Staff


During the workshop, there were some points I was already familiar with but explanations were a plus. It was interesting to find out my personality type and challenged me not to fit in a certain box and not take the information as it is.

I commend Sheila and Martin! Great job in engaging the audience. I’ve never seen pros that perceptive. After attending this workshop, it made me look at my personality and contemplate on how much more I can improve. The compliment part was interesting and I’ve never learned how to give and receive one in return. TalkShop gave us a great seminar and I learned a number of valuable life lessons.


Dennis A. Zapata, AO IV, Presidential Management Staff


I have learned some basic verbal and non-verbal action to improve my personality. The topic I like most is how we represent ourselves to our colleagues, officemates and the environment. Sheila and Martin are knowledgeable in their craft. I am now more aware of who I am and how to improve my self-esteem. Hopefully in the future, I can be part of TalkShop’s Grammar Mastery or Presentation Skills training!

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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