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Ferdinand E. Gonzales

The workshop is very good. The topics are approached well and the consultants are very clear and easy to understand. Because of them I now aspire to be a leader and role model for the younger generation. I look forward to learning more from TalkShop especially on how to manage employees.

Zolando P. Palubon

I really enjoyed the workshop especially on the Six Thinking Hats and Enneagram. Thanks to the consultants I know so much more about myself now. I hope I get the chance to enroll in one of their workshops again. TalkShop is the best!

Michael I. Laigo

TalkShop has great educators that are precise, clear, and knowledgable. I learned so much about myself and how to cope with different environments and personalities. My favorite part is the discussion on archetype personalities. I can’t wait to join the next workshop especially on speech presentations.

Calvin Lachica

The TalkShop workshop helped me develop my personality and taught me so many new things about myself. The consultant is very smart and taught me how to be a good leader. I’ll remember everything I’ve learned from the workshop and strive to be an excellent leader.

Ramon S. Hermoso

The TalkShop Workshop is excellent! The consultants are great and the topics are interesting.

Jesus C. Fernandez

I learned so much on how to handle different personalities and communicate with my co-workers. The workshop has very interesting topics and everything about the workshop design is perfect. The consultant is very intelligent and helped me become more confident.

Melanie B. Murao

I’ve learned a lot from TalkShop. I especially enjoyed the lesson on the personality archetypes as it helped me understand myself and other people. The consultants are good and explained all the topics in a very clear manner. Thanks to them I now know how to approach employees.

Gemelyn M. Reynoso

The TalkShop training is very helpful and informative. The speakers are well-trained and easily approachable. The topics are also practical and presented in a manner that’s easy to understand. The best lesson I learned is that there are different approaches for different types of people. I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned. I can’t wait to enroll again!

Rey B. Aquino

If I could I’d definitely join this workshop again. I learned so much and became a better leader thanks to the consultants. They are excellent in delivering the topics and know what they are talking about. I want to learn more from TalkShop especially on how to evaluate personalities. They are very helpful and interesting.

Mary Anne Villadelrey

The workshop is very good and taught me many things such as how to adjust to different personality types. The consultant is very good. She kept me interested in the topics and inspired me to become an excellent leader. I highly recommend TalkShop and would love to have them conduct our Customer Service Training.

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