The Four Spy Skills Corporate People Should Learn

TalkShop Corporate Spy SkillsJames Bond anyone? If you think this is about how to swoon ladies with an enigmatic smile and a suave introduction then destroy this article right now. Real counter intelligence operatives are masters of blending in and getting what they want. Here are four things that “corporate people” can learn from these masters of subterfuge.


1. Keen Observers
Spies are generally aware of their surroundings. They are trained to identify everyone in the immediate surroundings and keep track of their mental profile. Spies are also trained to be exceptionally detailed oriented. Their whole career depends on their ability to gather, evaluate, and disseminate information.

Corporate people can benefit from acquiring this skill both for personal and business application. Remembering the tendencies of your boss will allow you to anticipate his needs and attend to them fast. This skill can also help on your dates, noticing the shoes she is wearing or the perfume he is donning can give you a great indication of her preference and his financial capacity.

2. Sociable
Spies are good at mingling and socializing. It is a very good way of extracting information and developing assets. It is also a sure-fire way to blend. This doesn’t mean they are always the centre of attention. But they are masters at “working“ the crowd.

Corporate people who master this skill excel as office mediators and the life of many events. They may also become community facilitators. They can also gauge temperaments of an individual or a crowd. Being easy to approach also inspires confidence in the people around them.

3. Adaptable
Spies are in a special branch of the government because they are trained to handle situations that no ordinary person will ever be trained for. They are quick on both their mind and feet. Spies accomplish this by preparing extensively for an operation. By reading mission dossiers and undergoing rigorous trainings, they accustom themselves to varied surroundings. They make any process look seamless and effortless. Spies are experts at being experts.

Corporate people who excel at this trait will find themselves being the go-to-guy in any situation. Surprise situations will always be manageable. Be it a surprise board room meeting, or one’s wife going in to labour, you will see this person remaining cool and collected and always in control.

4. Self Reliant
Spies are mostly in the field alone and as such are trained to be self reliant. They are objective-driven as opposed to Point A-Point B types. When a mission is given out, they automatically equip themselves with whatever is necessary to accomplish the mission without being told what to bring. Contrary to what the movies would like you to believe, 95% of the gear real spies have are ordinary things that you and I carry every day.

Corporate people who take this lesson to heart will become driven. They are proactive and have the initiative in the task given. They are able to see any task through to accomplishment. This doesn’t mean they will not be team players – quite the opposite: They are a fully functioning and contributing part of any team.

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