The Path of Service Discovered

downloadThere are many paths to enlightenment. The Ancient Wisdom teachings that came out of India say there are seven different paths to reach enlightenment. The Wisdom teachings also state that each time in history people are called more to a certain path than another. In our time, it is the path of service that the majority of humankind is called to.  Service for most of us denotes sacrifice or doing something we are simply forced to do.

However, the type of service I am talking about is when you are really good at something because you do it all the time and because you love it so much. People keep coming to you to do for whatever it is you love doing because they know you are the best at it. One day you begin to charge for it and get surprised because they still keep calling. Eventually, you make more money doing the very thing you would happily do for free.

images (1)You give your gift and unique talent to the world and this is what real service is. Service is doing what you were born to do, what you love to do that nobody else can quite do in the unique way you do it.

It is hard for us to accept that success can come through doing something we love. We keep thinking we have to be something we are not. This comes from the old ideas of transcendence.

Shakti Gawain points out in her book, “The Path of Transformation” that there is a tremendous difference between teachings that offer ways of enlightenment through transcendence and paths that offer transformation.  In transcendence, you leave behind as much of the old self as you can.

The path of service is the opposite way, going towards the path of becoming all you are and deeply connecting to your passions and heart’s wishes.  It is the path of listening to your body, your mind, your heart, and your spiritual self. It is the path of making your life work instead of leaving it behind.

1396718_young_beautiful_girl_relaxes_ashore_1I have traveled over much of the world and I have sit in incense-filled rooms with the Gurus of India and many of the Earth’s sacred places.

But from all these travels, I have learned that real transformation usually comes in our own backyards – doing what we love.  Joseph Campbell was the first to point out that the hero myth, symbolic of our own spiritual journey, is told and retold in a variety of ways and languages across the world.

The hero travels the world seeking enlightenment only to return home and find it was there in his back yard all along. Nothing has changed except that the trials and tribulations the hero goes through allow him or her to grow into his or her best self and see with new eyes. The weakness and human frailties of the hero have now grown into great strengths. – Mark Shryock | TalkShop Leadership Coach


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