The Top 3 Trade Secrets of Successful Creative Writers

Creative writers are not born but made.  Excellence in creative writing is a mindful decision one makes.  Anyone venturing into professional creative writing will be served best by the trade secrets of the most successful writers who have inspired a loyal following.


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TalkShop shares the top 3 trade secrets to guide the aspiring writers and help the good ones become even better :

  1. READ.  Reading makes a complete person.  To be able to write sensibly, one needs the plethora of exposure to relevant information that are most easily found in good books.  Apart from the contents and variety of materials to help one connect the dots and create better topics, he also gets exposed to the right sentence structures and choice of expressions that will broaden his vocabulary and add dimension to his writing style.
  2. REFLECT.  Reflection is a skill good writers master.  The ability to ponder on one’s experiences and write about them is a surefire way to connect to many readers who share similar shades of Significant Human Experiences (SHE).   Therefore, make sure to  use your quiet moments to reflect on everything that went through your day.  Whether your writing is about your  reactions, apprehensions, celebrations, and regrets – it is your perspective that counts.
  3. REST. Great writers may be prolific creators. This, however, does not mean that they do not stop when they have to. Great writers love their rest.  It is critical for anyone who is constantly creating new ideas.  Rest helps one gather sufficient energy to continue producing.  Be sure to schedule a time when you are doing absolutely nothing but rest.   Garbage flourishes in chaotic environments. Schedule your regular mind cleaning by resting.  You can do this anytime yo feel like it.  After all, Writers work best when they start on a clean slate.

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