Top 10 Technical Writing Tips

TalkShop technical writing tipsTechnical writers have a special place in today’s world. They are in demand for science and academic papers, catalogues, business correspondence and proposals, as well as abstracts. They are indispensable for business to sell and promote electronic gadgets, appliances, toys and games, new products and services. There is an art to technical writing as the business application of writing. TalkShop shares these helpful tips:

  1. Consider your audience. They come from different backgrounds with varying levels of comprehension. Write simply and concisely, aiming for simple language. Avoid using idioms that may leave some members of the international market clueless. Make it reader-friendly.
  2. Use the present tense to describe the process. It is easier to understand.
  3. Break down a long document with sections. Use appropriate headings. This will allow the reader to skim through the material and afford them the time to absorb and digest instructions.
  4. Use relevant transition words like “while,” “earlier,” “meanwhile,” “however,” “in turn,” “in addition,” etc.
  5. Use step by step charts to separate procedures from information.
  6. Edit, edit, edit until you come up with a polished material.
  7. Avoid contractions which are used for informal writing only.
  8. A common mistake lies in the use of the serial comma. Many writers omit the comma before an “and“ when enumerating a series. The correct way is to write “She ordered a soda, sandwich, and dessert,” so as not to group the last two items together.
  9. Stay current by reading up on trends and innovations.
  10. Upgrade your skills by taking a writing course from a reliable training provider.

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