Tracking Down the Best English Schools in the Philippines

TalkShop Best English SchoolIt only takes a quick Google search to discern that there will literally be millions of search hits when you type in “English schools in the Philippines“. And that’s far from surprising, of course. The country, after all, is well noted for its high English proficiency, arguably the highest in Asia and one of the highest in the world. The question now is not the lack of options but the quality of your choices.

So, how exactly do you narrow down your search for the most notable English schools in the Philippines?

To begin, you can get a good headstart when you consider location. Where exactly in the country do you want to study English? Since the language is spoken widely across the Philippines, you can find English schools in most major cities and provincial capitals. Therefore, ask yourself this question: Do you want to study in a big metropolis, in a laidback setting by the beach, or maybe in a suburban area up in the mountains. That alone will help make your search more concentrated, instead of loosely clicking one link after another – and finding yourself frustrated at the end of the day.

Next, look for schools with experience and credentials. It’s a sure bet that you’ll come across many, many schools, and all of them will promise quality education and good language training. So it’s up to you to determine which ones actually tell the truth. Even as early as your initial inquiry, don’t hesitate to ask for accreditations, licences, or certificates awarded by different organizations. Just as one book doesn’t make a library, having a few classrooms doesn’t automatically mean a school.

You can also scout for student references. A good measure of the best English schools in the Philippines, after all, is the number of successful students they produce. Check out the website for testimonials or, better yet, visit the school and get a feel of how the classes are conducted. You can also ask for a teaching demo, or request to sit in one of the classes and observe how the lessons are executed by the instructors, and how the students respond to them.

TalkShop, the only ISO-certified, Civil Service accredited communication training institute in the Philippines, has become the choice of the top 1000 corporations in the language training of their key executives and teams. CEO Sheila Viesca shares the secret, “There are different motivations for language learning but there is only one, for language teaching. Students enrol for interview and test preparation, job promotion, competency improvement, social skills enhancement, personality development, among others. A language trainer’s motivation is constant: To help meet the training needs of each individual learner. Everything boils down to what the learner needs and how he will best learn it.”

Education is a lifetime investment in oneself, and language education is no exception. It pays to make the right choice. The time you spend in tracking the best school and the most appropriate program is as important as the time you spend in mastering the communication skills you enroll in.

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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