When to Say Nothing During Negotiation

TalkShop Negotiation TipsAfter the exchange of information, parties involved in the negotiation start to bargain. This is the critical area when it pays to be cautious by remaining silent. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO advises, “Silence is a strategic tool to adopt whenever bargaining. One has the upper hand when he does not reveal too much information. Hence, one must know when it is best to keep quiet,” says Viesca. She offers these points for a successful outcome:

1. Set your limits. Determine what will make you happy as well as your minimum threshold.

2. Keep a professional tone. Stay cool throughout the process.

3. Pace your speech. Slow down to convey sincerity and allow you to watch the other party’s reactions.

4. Learn to read body language. Reactions will enable you to plot your next moves better.

5. Remember each concession granted has to be reciprocated. Do not offer too much at the beginning of the process.

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication finished her bachelor degree in Literature, masters in Entrepreneurship, and doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+


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