Department of Tourism Chooses TalkShop for Foreign Service Training

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The Department of Tourism (DOT), the  Philippine government’s executive department responsible for the regulation of the Philippine tourism industry and the promotion of the Philippines as a tourist destination, has chosen TalkShop to facilitate its very first Competency Enhancement Training for the country’s candidates for Tourism Attache posting in 7 countries and 12 prime cities where the country has diplomatic representation.

For almost 2 decades now, TalkShop has been the leading consultancy and training institute that serves the requirements of leaders and movers from various industries and international firms based in the Philippines.



TalkShop CEO and Lead Coach, Sheila Viesca was tasked to design the 7-day curriculum for the 5 batches of Tourism Officials who qualified to undergo training in self-awareness and capacity-building, as well as connecting with different personality types and adjusting to different nationalities.  It comes as no surprise that this is one key competency in a posting that requires extreme sensibility and professionalism in customer service, foreign relations, and conflict management.


This training is in line with DOT’s Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) Program for Foreign Offices personnel.   Interested applicants for the Tourism Attache (TA) and Tourism Officer (TO) positions who meet the qualification requirements undergo the training to assess their potentials and motivations related to the competencies needed for the specified overseas positions.

Undergoing the training makes an applicant eligible for future deployment to the DOT Foreign Offices, subject to issuance of an official appointment.

TalkShop’s Ms. Sheila Viesca is known in the training industry as the ultimate all-in-one coach. Her list of discerning clientele who go through any of her corporate trainings and personal effectiveness programs boasts of record breaking improvements in team members’ productivity and leadership skills. This training that is instrumental in bringing out global competitiveness among all participants is where her expertise in delivery and team management is felt from the first day to the last.

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As designed by TalkShop in collaboration with key officers of the Department of Tourism, this training module ranges from communicating with impact, cross culture communication, global language excellence, business protocol and etiquette, social media training, technical writing, marketing management, events planning, crises handling, problem solving, decision making, time and stress management, personality development, image enhancement and social graces – all that together with foreign language enhancement and fine dining etiquette.

TalkShop, apart from being known in the training industry for its years of credibility and quality references, passed the rigid evaluation of the Department of Tourism after DOT’s comparative evaluation of current training providers. And true to its reputation, TalkShop’s 7-day Foreign Service Training design has been a consistent hit among the officers and division heads who attend in preparation for their desired foreign posting.

For more details, check out or call TalkShop at (63) 917 790 5588 | (63) 917 877 5588 to learn more about the Civil Service accredited programs for yourself and your teams.

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President’s Commission on Filipinos Overseas (Part 2)

The Office of the Office of the President’s Commission on Filipinos Overseas take on TalkShop’s comprehensive workshop in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

As TalkShop continues to affirm the uniqueness in individuals and celebrate the art of public speaking in the development of leaders, 30 CFO counselors took part in a comprehensive workshop that exposed them to challenging presentation roles that hone their creativity and ability to be one with their message as they project credibility, and engage the audience.

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas

















Here is what participants have to say about their TalkShop experience:


TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas















Manny, ESO II

I have learned that in public speaking you give priority to what your audience wants to know and not what you need to say. I am privileged to be a part of this seminar and the new learning I acquired in this activity can greatly help me do my work as an orientation officer. The program is easy to follow and is enjoyable to do. I liked most the part where each participant was asked to deliver his story after writing down their thoughts. Ms. Sheila is a very effective consultant and facilitator. She made me realize that I can be a lot more as I improve my skills public speaking.


Cherry Duran, Admin Assistant

After attending today’s training, I personally think that I became a better public speaker than yesterday.  I learned a lot today from pronouncing, delivering personal stories in front of colleagues down to creative writing. The topics were clearly discussed to us. The workshop is very good because all the participants were given the chance to speak and write.  Ms. Viesca is an excellent Trainer. She really knows what she’s doing.  She has helped us dramatically build our confidence in public speaking. Today I realized that anyone can be an effective public speaker and writer. You just need to practice it.


Mia Bisa, ESO II

I didn’t think I’d have fun from this training. It is safe to say that my supposed holiday break is worth spending in training after all. Thank you, Ms. Sheila.  This training offered something new for our self-improvement not just as public speakers but as individuals, too. The program design will definitely be useful for all of us.  Ms. Sheila didn’t make us feel intimidated of her and that felt good.  She taught us to be comfortable in your own skin. Improvement happens every day.


Elfred del Rosario, ESO II

I’ve been reminded of many things from the past by just sharing stories and writing my thoughts. I learned much today, though there are things that I already knew it’s still a refreshing e experience for me taken in a different light. I like the part when I can practice what is thought, pronunciation exercises, sharing stories and writing.

Ms. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable and friendly. She speaks confidently.


Paul Avecilla, SESO

The strategy in building our confidence to speak is different from the usual class that I attended wherein there is no respect for audience capacity but focus on the techniques, but for our seminar today from TalkShop, I like the powerful small talk/tips. Also the posture helps to boost confidence by building your image and by accepting ourselves. The program design is relaxed yet substantial. Ms. Sheila is someone that CFO is longing for – a humble and intelligent lecturer who motivates well.


John Nihols Ruelos, Case Officer

What made this workshop helpful for me is it returns my drive to write again. I’ve been busy a lot and it made me remember what writing does to me. Thank you. It made me re evaluate myself a s a speaker and helps me revise my passion in writing. TalkShop design is good. It was able to exploit and work on our weakness to become better than who we are especially as a speaker.  Ms. Sheila Viesca is very approachable and able to see each character that her participant has.


Patricia Marie Salvador

I thank TalkShop for helping me in improving my communication skills. Even from day 1 of this two-Saturday training, I already learned a lot on how to improve my communication skills. I like the part when we were tasked to deliver a story in front. Ms. Sheila is an excellent Speaker. She doesn’t only know the technicalities but she also managed to deliver a lively presentation.

TalkShop workshop helped me face my fear of speaking in front of a lot of people. I have to improve and I know I will become better.


Janet, Attache

I like storytelling the most. Ms. Sheila Viesca is knowledgeable.

I do believe now that any person can be a good writer and public speaker. So I can be both.


Gregorio Jayson, Technical Assistant

Great Job, Ms. Sheila/TalkShop. I like the storytelling the most.

The Consultant knows what she’s doing.


Eumarlo Tolosa

I learned a lot from TalkShop’s workshop. There are interactions with a good Speaker. The design is effective. I need to be more engaging with my clients when I can do this PDOS.


Romeo Ramirez Jr. ESO 11

I learned a lot while it seemed a repetition of what has been learned at school, everything is new which certainly provides a higher level of one’s quality. Everything is appreciated. The Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca has a very effective and informative presentation. I learned that initially vocabulary should be enhanced and in the end I appreciated more the quality of communication.


Joanna Cusi, Administrative Assistant 111

I like the PIXAR Pitch the most.

Ms. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop Facilitator knows what she’s doing.  She knows what she’s saying.  Because of her, I became more confident.


Ariel Cruz, ESO 11

I realized that there is still room for improvement. I learned tips to be a good public speaker. I like oral presentation the most.  Ms. Sheila is an effective Communicator. This workshop makes one a better public speaker.

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas











Ma. Janine Erika Eusebio, Front-line Assistant

Thank you for teaching us the correct words and how to pronounce them. The storytelling is what I like. I hope that I will improve my talking skills. I learned that it is better to think first so that you know what to tell the clients. The program design is efficient.

Ms. Sheila is great and a professional at what she does.


Erlinda Pehle, ESO 11

I enjoyed the different activities given by the TalkShop Facilitator. Thank you. I learned a lot. The program design is very effective. I like all the areas. Ms. Sheila Viesca has the complete control of the whole process. TalkShop workshop has helped build my self-confidence.



Judy Oaing, AO 1V

I like the program. It’s very useful to my job. TalkShop Facilitator, Ms. Sheila Viesca is professional and fun. She got my attention. The workshop has taught me that looks, gestures and voice are important.


Maya Sanchez, Admin Officer III

Since this is my first time to attend this kind of workshop, I have learned new things and also confirmed what the right thing I have done for my session in GEP. I like storytelling the most. The Speaker, Ms. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable in her field. TalkShop workshop taught me to be more confident in front of people.


Rose Juan, Information Systems Analyst

I learned the right attitude on how to deliver my message confidently. The design is good and I like the pixar pitch the most. Ms. Sheila Viesca delivered her workshop excellently.  The workshop has reminded me that I need to practice, practice and practice not only in speaking but also in writing.



I learned a great deal. I like actual public speaking using Pixar Pitch.

Ms. Sheila Viesca is a very prepared and a good Speaker.



Allan paul Ducusin, ESO II

I am thankful to have participated in this public speaking training by TalkShop. I learned some techniques on how to become a confident public speaker. The approach is quite different from the other public speaking training I’ve attended. I like the storytelling activity the most.


Ms. Sheila Viesca is an effective Coach and very approachable. The workshop has enhanced my thinking ability and creativity.


Mhin Gurabe, Emigrant Services Officer I

I learned much. I like the storytelling, power pose and words commonly mispronounced by Filipinos. TalkShop Trainer, Ms. Sheila Viesca is approachable, engaging and humble. She has also an encouraging personality.  I think I can now practice coherence during my sessions. I have to be more aware of unnecessary gestures when I discuss.    (63) 917 790 5588 | (63) 917 877 5588 |    Public Speaking     l     Presentation Mastery

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President’s Commission on Filipinos Overseas (Part 1)

The Office of the Office of the President’s Commission on Filipinos Overseas take on TalkShop’s comprehensive workshop in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

Participants got immersed in interactive drills like how to craft the ultimate introduction, how to facilitate an event, how to engage the audience, and how to tell a story.  The 2-Saturday workshop exposed them to the essentials of public speaking as they learned to be more in touch with their story and one with their message.  The art of preparation, together with the many communication strategies, was also highlighted during the fun games and activities that only TalkShop,  pioneer of Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in the Philippines,  could deliver best.

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas


The most memorable activity for many is the storytelling which challenged the individuals not only to write their message within a limited time, but also to deliver their speech without relying on their notes, while applying appropriate tonal and visual cues that will captivate and inspire the audience.  After a series of controlled and semi-controlled activities though out the workshop, the final rounds of activities became a showcase and empowering revelation of creativity, confidence and sensibility among the individuals in the group. 

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas



Here is what participants have to say about their TalkShop experience:


Kristine Gacer, Senior Emigrant Services Officer

TalkShop’s Public Speaking workshop is better than I expected. It was not stressful as I thought it would be.  In fact, it is very entertaining and inspiring. I learned a lot about being a better speaker. I hope to apply all of these learning during my future presentations.  The program design is very audience-centric. What I like most is the introduction of the Pixar Pitch which made storytelling so much easier. I also liked the correction of pronunciation.


TalkShop’s Facilitator, Ms. Sheila Viesca is very approachable and considerate. Her mastery of the topic is extremely apparent. I was inspired to improve my communication skills, not just for other people but for myself.


Joanna Lyn Rodriguez


I am thankful for today’s workshop in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills by TalkShop. It inspired me to write and speak up my mind and heart! I learned a lot. It did not only improve my communication skills but it also did promote self-development. The program design is easy to understand. The phasing is good. I really like the storytelling activity.

Ms. Sheila Viesca, the TalkShop Consultant, is an expert and has a good sense of humor. She’s an inspiration. The workshop’s transformative effect is that I became comfortale in embracing my voice.


Mayumi Peralta, AO 111


I always thought that because I am a PDOS Officer, I’m a good public speaker but being good is not enough. One needs to be effective through this workshop. I realized that I still have lots to learn when it comes to both public speaking and effective communication. I learned so many tips in public speaking. I also learned that I am very creative according to the diagnostic, which is actually true.  Everything is interesting. Informative yet fun at the same time – usually those two words are hard to incorporate in presentation and training.


Ms. Sheila Viesca is the manifestation of an effective public speaker and communicator. I also admire how she mixes serious topics and flawlessly incorporates humorous remarks.  The practical tips in public speaking left an impact and I’m excited to apply this in my PIDOS next week.


Erwin Paul Cristobal, ESO 11


I will recommend TalkShop to other potential clients. The one that I like most is the storytelling part of this activity for I tried to share my personal story in straight English to the best of my capability. Ms. Sheila Viesca is an excellent Speaker. The workshop has enhanced my confidence to communicate in English.


Romeo Rosas, Chief MISD

I learned new things. I’m excited about our next training with Ms. Sheila.  TalkShop has a different approach. It is more interactive and interesting. I like the vocal and WIIFM the most. Ms. Sheila Viesca is excellent in her topic, expert in her field. That confidence that I can be a better speaker and writer is the transformative effect.


Beda Pereyra


The TalkShop Facilitator, Ms. Sheila Viesca is a great example of a good public speaker.  From the way she stands, dresses up and talks with her intonation – she has inspired me to become like her. Today’s session taught me to become more relaxed when talking in front of people by knowing and preparing what do you want to share with the audience.


The program is well-designed. I like the workshop part where everybody got to speak in front of people. Ms. Sheila Viesca is an engaging and excellent Speaker.


Mia Bisa, ESO II


I didn’t think I’d have fun from this training.  It is safe to say that my supposed holiday break is worth spending in training after all. Thank you, Ms. Sheila.  This training offered something new for our self-improvement not just as public speakers but as individuals, too. The program design will definitely be useful for all of us.  Ms. Sheila didn’t make us feel intimidated of her and that felt good.   She taught us to be comfortable in your own skin. Improvement happens every day.


Elfred del Rosario, ESO II


I’ve been reminded of many things from the past by just sharing stories and writing my thoughts. I learned much today, though there are things that I already knew it’s still a refreshing experience for me. It is empowering because I got to understand public speaking from a different light. I like the part when I can practice what is taught, while enjoying the pronunciation exercises, sharing stories and writing. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable and friendly. She speaks confidently.


Paul Avecilla, SESO


The strategy in building our confidence to speak is different from the usual class that I attended wherein there is no respect for audience capacity and the focus was simply on the techniques, but for our seminar today from TalkShop, I like the powerful small talk/tips. Also the posture helps to boost confidence by building your image and by accepting ourselves. The program design is relaxed yet substantial. Ms. Sheila is someone that CFO is longing for – a humble and intelligent lecturer who motivates well.


See Part 2 of their testimonials here    (63) 917 790 5588 | (63) 917 877 5588                 Public Speaking   l   Presentation Mastery


Diplomatic Missions Get Trained by TalkShop

Diplomatic missions engage TalkShop to foster the Customer-Centric mindset among its delegates and staff –

Another testament to TalkShop’s reliability when it comes to designing and conducting the most effective trainings for individuals and organizations.  TalkShop operates on the belief that Exceptional Customer Service is vital to any organization that has contact with customers. And that to an organization of value, all customers matter.  This year, TalkShop delivers a customized training design to address the requirements of Indonesian Embassy in leveling up the competencies of its personnel in terms of image, communication, and service orientation.



Day 1 started with values alignment complemented by drills in customer service excellence, such as making the right impression, extending greetings, introducing self, effective listening, and making day to day communications purpose-driven.

Day 2 focused on various aspects of communication, such as assertiveness, building audience connection, projecting the power image in the visual, vocal, and verbal aspects of communication.

Day 3 reinforced customer diplomacy by using the right tone and mastering various modes of communication. Global etiquette was applied as participants learned to write better emails and construct sensible remarks when conversing and giving feedback.

Day 4 addressed concerns in structure and audience engagement as participants learned to deliver the right message and handle queries and concerns with tact.  Also included are language frameworks in handling meetings, giving instructions, and facilitating media interviews.

Day 5     capped the program with lessons in image enhancement and corporate branding.  Participants learned to use self-affirmation techniques and effectively model their role by learning about proper make-up application, dressing up, and even how to tie a necktie.



Indonesian Embassy Staff share their TalkShop experience:

During TalkShop’s Customer Service Excellence workshop, I learned many things especially different keys on how to be more confident in handling clients and making them feel right all the time. I learned how to be effective in communication. The program design is very flexible.  Ms. Sheila Viesca is a very good Consultant. I learned how to be confident. – Mary Antonette Gonzales, Secretary


I would like to express my heartiest appreciation to Ms. Sheila for giving us a wonderful lecture.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. I refreshed my knowledge. I really appreciate all the topics learned from TalkShop workshop. The Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is knowledgeable. I learned how to deal with different people like listening first before giving an answer.  – Juvy Bautista, Secretary


TalkShop seminar is great. I like all the areas we discussed. The TalkShop Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is an excellent Communicator. You can understand what she discusses and explains.  I like her teaching style, engaging and not boring. The workshop has made me realize that I need to love myself and develop my self-confidence. The program design is very effective. Ms. Sheila Viesca is amazing, very smart and full of energy. She inspired me much. The workshop taught me to have a good relations and interaction. – Mary Jane Alonza, Admin Staff


I’ve learned how to make attractive communication.  Ms. Sheila has taught me much information. The program design that TalkShop introduced is good. Thank you, TalkShop. I learned a lot. In fact, I am already applying what I learned from the workshop.  The program design is excellent. I like the customer relations and everyday etiquette the most.  Ms. Sheila Viesca is excellent, humble, pretty with nice attitude. The workshop has boosted my self-confidence.–  Ajib Akbar Velayaty, Asst. for Economic Affairs


I truly and sincerely enjoyed TalkShop’s Customer Service Excellence workshop. It helped me refresh my English grammar, added to my vocabulary and polished my diction. The program design is excellent. I like the exercises on pronunciation and the use of adverbs. The Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is excellent with pleasing personality. She’s so presentable, fun, articulate. She really is an expert in her craft. The workshop taught me not to be shy nor intimidated and follow the correct manner of expressing myself in the English language.                      – Bernadette Simon, Secretary of Social and Cultural Affairs


What I’ve learned from TalkShop is how to be more effective to communicate with the people in different situations. The program design is informative indeed. I like the everyday etiquette the most. It says:  Etiquette goes beyond what you think others may see. Also it reflects our personality. Ms. Sheila Viesca is pretty and is such a good Trainer. TalkShop workshop makes me eager to learn and enhance more my communication skills especially at the workplace. – Norhaina Matuan, Administrative Staff


I would like to express my personal appreciation to Ms. Sheila for imparting her expertise to all of us. I am grateful to the proponents of this short course. It is rewarding to learn again what was taken for granted through the years due to the force of environment. The program design is excellent. I appreciate all areas that we’ve taken up. Kudos to the one-of-a-kind trainer! Ms. Sheila is perfectly knowledgeable of her craft. – Bella Custodio, Secretary


I really enjoyed the workshop. In a very short time, The Consultant taught us complete stuff like customer service, personality development, and handling different personalities. I hope to develop more to become a better person. TalkShop design is excellent and very interesting. The area that I like most is pronunciation and proper reading.  Ms. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop Consultant, is very smart, intelligent and not boring. She has the sense of humor while teaching. I learned to be patient especially in dealing clients and serving people in my department. – Rowena Larida, Secretary


It has been my plan to enroll myself in an English workshop to develop my communication skills. However, my work schedule didn’t permit it to happen. I am glad this opportunity comes and I’m happy learning and looking forward to more. From scale 1-10, I gave TalkShop a 9. The program design is very effective. The area I like most is when we tackled the correct pronunciation of some English words and correct preposition use in constructing sentences.


Ms. Sheila is nice, pretty, sexy and excellent in teaching the whole duration. The workshop has helped me improve my English communication by gestures, facial expressions, oral and written.  – Nelyza Faro, Administrative Secretary


The workshop helped to remind employees that understanding the benefits of effective communication aids the organization to foster a harmonious atmosphere within the workplace that can boost its performance. I learned a lot which served as a refresher in grammar, diction and enunciation. The program design is simple and easy to take. I found the tips in effectively dealing with situations requiring oral and written skills particularly helpful. Ms. Sheila is pleasant and skilled in her craft. I am now much mindful of how I communicate with my colleagues and clients.– Nestor Pardo, Consular Staff


The workshop is really good and very functional. I am personally satisfied of what I’ve learned from the workshop. I learned quite much even for 3 days only. The lessons are interesting to learn. The program is quite attractive, lessons are easy to understand, class atmosphere isn’t serious but proved really effective. Ms. Sheila is really good in her field. We can understand what she was teaching. I believe now I have become more patient with the clients. I try my best now to be a listener for the customer. Also I try my best in pronouncing words properly.– Sheila Solihati Aryasha, Consular Staff


It is a good opportunity, late for me as it may, but at least I got an experience with TalkShop. I am happy. I learned a lot and had fun in knowing our mistakes in public speaking and pronunciation. The program is good enough for younger ones in the embassy. All areas I have encountered from the previous meetings are also very helpful. Ms. Sheila is efficient and effective. I think I gained more confidence when emceeing.  – Marivic Marcaida, Secretary Economic Section


TalkShop’s program in Customer Service Excellence is interesting. I learned things on how to communicate with others. Everything that we tackled is great like delivery of speech, how to start letters. These serve a lot to improve my self-confidence.  What I like most is when you’re talking to someone you have to listen and if you have comment, think first before you talk. I appreciate the Consultant’s teaching. I learned a lot of things and will apply them personally especially when talking to others.  – Mario  Realin, Protocol and Consular Staff                 l              (63) 917 790 5588 | (63) 917 877 5588                   l          Exceptional Customer Service

Service Excellence by TalkShop


DSWD Officers Get Trained in Public Speaking

Social Welfare Officers of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) rave about their recently concluded training in public speaking. We have attached their individual testimonies so our blog followers may get a feel of how easy and effective it is to improve one’s confidence and skills in communication with TalkShop as your training partner.


13907053_10153551774451292_2020348789567395462_n (1)

Jenelma Daet, Social Welfare 11

I have learned a lot from TalkShop. I have been longing for this training to improve myself in public speaking. It’s been worth the wait. It has met my needs and I will be applying everything I learned.

It’s a well-done and concise design yet the learning is over-flowing. TalkShop Consultants are excellent and are the experts in this training field. TalkShop workshop has boosted my self-confidence. The tips given will help me a lot in improving myself.


Divina Buela, Social Welfare Officer 11

I learned a lot from the TalkShop workshop. The program design is all informative. The TalkShop Consultants are excellent. They have expertise in the topic and delivered the lessons very well.

The workshop has boosted my self-confidence and taught me relevant exercise and information about public speaking, which is very vital in my present work.


Charina Capitis, Social Welfare Admin Assistant

I learned a lot. The program is very good and all the topics are interesting and helpful. The TalkShop Consultants are confident and enthusiastic. Right after the training I can cope with my nervousness already.



I learned a lot from TalkShop workshop. The program design is comprehensive. I like all the topics.

The Consultants are experts in their field. My TalkShop training taught me to be brave to talk in public.


Marla Pelobello, Admin Assistant 11

It is my honor to be a part of this TalkShop workshop. It is nice to know and learn from you. The public speaking lessons and exercises are great and applicable to our daily life. I will do my best to apply the things that I have learned. I learned a lot!  The program design is unique and very substantial. I can easily relate and understand the topic especially the frameworks of communication, PREP and PNP.

The TalkShop Consultant shows his expertise in delivering the topic. He gives examples in every topic which makes us understand it clearly. Now I can handle awkward situations without getting sidetracked.


Almado Suarez, Regional Field Coordinator

The TalkShop workshop was well-done with an excellent Consultant.



I’ve learned a lot especially the communications framework. The program design is very good.

Thank you for giving us your time. The Consultant is excellent. TalkShop’s transformative effect is immediate and I will apply all learning when I present during seminars for other employees.


Karen Gabriel

I learned a lot actually. Some were refreshers from my speaking class back in College. I actually enjoyed everything in the workshop.  The TalkShop Consultant is excellent. Now I became more mindful of my presentation styles.


Mara Garcia, Social Welfare Officer 11

I like the group interaction the most. The TalkShop Consultant is well-versed and informative.


Estelito Arenal, Social Worker Officer 11

Thank you for the learning. The program design really fits the audience. What I like most was when the TalkShop Speaker gave examples in his presentations.

TalkShop Consultants show their expertise in public speaking. My self-confidence was built up.


Vanessa Rovelo, Social Welfare Officer 11

Your topics are really practical and applicable. Thanks TalkShop Team. I like the energizers and the whole topic. It’s the first time for me to attend such activity. I became aware about the mistakes I committed in my talks.

Melfred Buraga, Admin Asst. 11

Thank you for the excellent job. God bless you always.

Every area of TalkShop workshop is 5 (Excellent).

Elaine Monale, SWO 11

I learned skills and manners. The program design is innovative. I like the activities.

The Consultant is equipped with the trend skills in public speaking.

I have conquered my fears.

Danica Obana

The program design is very applicable to the need of the audience.

TalkShop Consultant has mastery in his profession.

The workshop gave me more idea on how to present myself to others and become more conscious in using words.

April Marilla, SWO 11

The tips and techniques are very helpful. I like the frameworks the most.

The Consultant is excellent.

Leana Jean Coloma, PDO1

I really appreciate every activity conducted relative to every topic being discussed. Everyone actively participates and enjoys the activities.

The program design is organized. I like before and after scenario performance.

TalkShop Consultant is very approachable and facilitated the activities well.

The workshop has boosted my self-confidence and improved my speaking with credibility.

Mary Ann Yulas

Be confident, conquer your stage fright. Speak from your heart and mind and know what you’re talking, too. I learned enough to make me feel confident.

The program is very interesting especially the dos and donts in public speaking.

The TalkShop Consultant is very informative.

The workshop makes me think that I can do it and conquer my fear of public speaking.

Jam Albert Libanan, PDO 1

The workshop is very helpful especially to our field of work because we get to encounter different types of people. I learned how to deal with other people by means of different frameworks when it comes to effective communication.

I like the positive negative positive approach for most of us deal with clients’ request and beneficiaries.

TalkShop Consultants have great connection with the audience.

The workshop taught me the techniques in effective communication.

Lauren Rose Tamondong

What I like about Talkshop is that the discussion is very light but the topics and ideas were clearly discussed and addressed by the Speaker. It’s a very inspiring good job.

I learned a lot especially the framework in communication and also the dos and don’ts in public speaking.

The flow of the program is good.  What I like most is the way it was discussed and delivered.

They are approachable and they know what they are saying.

It gave more confidence speaking in public.

Imelda Salvador, Project Development Officer 2

The first day of this training what I have done was read the program to know the topics to be tackled in this training. I wondered if I may be bored or will I enjoy. When the Speakers talked I was really impressed and assured to myself that I will learn more from them and I am not mistaken because I will go home after today with full of learning.

I have learned much from the TalkShop workshop. The program design is excellent. I like most the workshop which developed my public speaking well.

Well, Ms. Sheila is excellent because she was able to arouse my interest on this training.

The workshop built up my confidence.


Krizila Decena, Nutritionist

The training was very informative for me and I gained a lot of tips, do’s and don’ts in the field of public speaking.I have learned a lot in the 3 day- training. The program design is very brief yet very informative and interesting.

The TalkShop Consultants are very credible and they were connected with their audience. I become more aware on the do’s and don’t’s in public speaking.

Winnie Sagusay

As the Training Manager, I can say that Talkshop shared so much knowledge and skills to us. It helps us boost our self- confidence in training. Thank you to Sir Dela Fuente and Ms. Viesca.

I cannot number the learning from day 1 to 2. The program design is full of information that will make us more competitive in communication.

TalkShop Consultants are very approachable and skilled Speakers.

There is much transformation that happened to me. I commend TalkShop for sharing with us excellent   presentations.

April Alianza, Training Specialist 111/OIC

Public speaking is important. If you have it then you’re good to go and you can do anything. Excellence is not a skill but an attitude.

I learned a lot of pointers particularly on how to properly introduce a speaker and accepting an award. I also learned that the opening and closing of a speech are important. The program design is very good and significant to my job in DSWD.

They are excellent Speakers.

Public speaking doesn’t have to be extravagant. It’s either you flourish or perish so keep it simple.

As part of management, it is important for me to know how to deal in a conversation with the audience, the clients, rank and file employees, partners, co- employees and the superiors.

I have learned much the do’s and don’t’s in public speaking. It’s simple. The topics I like most is the pixar pitch, the use of framework like the sandwich effect and the PREP method.

The Consultants’ presentation is organized

Awareness of being in public speaking is the transformative effect that TalkShop workshop brought.

Maridel Licerio, Social Welfare Officer 1V

As part of the Management, it is important for me to know how to deal in a conversation with the audience: the clients, rank and file employees, partners, co-employees, and the Superiors.

I have learned much of the dos and don’ts of Public Speaking. The program design is simple. The topics I like most is the PIXAR PITCH, the use of frameworks like sandwich effect and the PREP method.

The Consultants’ presentations are well-organized. Awareness of being in public speaking is the transformative effect of TalkShop’s workshop.

Joy Banaken, SWO 11

Subjects laid down were informative and have been very educational. We still have much to learn when it comes to public speaking but Talkshop has provided good inputs toward mastering such skill.

It was all relevant and creatively delivered with authentic interaction with the participants.

TalkShop Consultants are well- versed with enough knowledge on the topics being discussed. The

workshop has enhanced my self- confidence and provided me with adequate ability to deal with my fear in public speaking.

Dr. Victoria Oquias, Social Welfare Officer 11

I am still in the process of learning. The program is not common.

The Consultant is well- versed about the topic he speaks about. The workshop is applicable to my responsibility as IDCB Alternate in the center I’m working with.

It is applicable to my responsibility as IDCB alternate in the center I am presently working with.

Karen Joy Buzon, Psychologist 1

Training provided by Sir Caloy and Ms. Sheila helped me realize that nervousness is indeed part of being human, more so in public speaking. Even if it is quite a short time, I will reflect on the main points emphasized that will eventually lead me in fulfilling it and make it part of me as well. Kudos to the team!

I learned a lot particularly the content and delivery topics. What I like most is that the RP provided chance for participants to speak their minds through on the spot recitations.

The Consultants are well-versed and knowledgeable on their topics. Their expertise is evident in every discussion they’ve done. The realization is that everybody commits mistakes and that in public speaking I don’t need to be anyone but myself.

Mary Anne Santos, SWD 11

I gained additional knowledge and skills in public speaking. I like developing self-confidence and dealing with nervousness.

TalkShop Consultants are knowledgeable on the topics.


The training really helps me a lot with respect to the techniques on how to become a better public speaker. I learned a lot particularly matters related to public speaking.

The program design is definitely good and applicable to the present set-up. Pixar pitch is the activity that I like most.

TalkShop Consultants are excellent. Now I become more confident and competent in public speaking.


Dr. Amelita Manalong, Medical Specialist

I really enjoyed attending the two-day training about public speaking and hoping that I will be able to practice that I gained when I come back to the office.

I have learned so much from TalkShop about public speaking and proper conduction of different types of speech. The program design is properly conducted and well-explained.

The TalkShop Consultant is knowledgeable and has expertise about the topic. The workshop has been presented with the topics making the participants active during the discussion.

Cynthia, SWO 11

The workshop is very informative. I’ve learned a lot! Keep up the good work, Team TalkShop! The workshop teaches me a lot in terms of the know-how techniques in public and combating myself to deal with fear speaking and standing in front of others.

Great design and I like all topics. The Consultants are good and well-versed on their topic. I’ve transformed into a more relaxed public speaker.

Mark, SWO 11

I personally want to thank TalkShop for giving me the opportunity to attend this workshop since this is my first time. The workshop helps me increase my self-confidence in public speaking as well as to know how to deliver effective communication.

The program design is very interesting since all the participants are very participative especially in the workshop. The Consultant is knowledgeable and knows how to deliver the topic effectively.

The workshop has helped me become confident.

Eloisa De Los Reyes, Psychologist 1

I enjoyed the activities while learning a lot. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I learned the framework of communication, the art of storytelling, organizing, delivering a talk, and mostly, the practical tips.

TalkShop program design is good and effective. I like the workshop. TalkShop Consultants delivered the topics well. The program gave me more confidence in speaking in front of an audience.

Rose Sharon Alcantara, PDO 11- Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

TalkShop training workshop was informative; it is also a venue to review and enhance the skills and knowledge on proper facilitation. It provides info on the dos and don’ts in public speaking.

I like most the activities provided that help us communicate well with others and work with them.

The training Consultants are good, interactive, and can relate with the group. The workshop enhances my capacity to prepare a presentation as M&E Officer. It is my task to provide the power point presentation in all consultation/meeting that we had.

Carol Lana, SWO 1

I learned from the lecture and example of the RP. I was able to validate my personal skills which I am practicing with difficulties. I need to practice more. The program design is excellent.

It’s well-done. Learn to say no in a proper manner when needed especially in workshop results.

The workshop helps me observe myself while speaking in public.


Public Speaking is quite hard to do but if you learn its techniques and strategies, it will make you feel better. I like the interactive and working activity most. It enhances learning from what is being discussed.

For TalkShop Consultants, it’s their field of expertise. No negative comment. Somehow, the discussion/presentation has helped me deliver a speech/conversation using the PREP method.

Jacky Fajardo, SWO 11

TalkShop training is very helpful to me since this will improve my speaking skills with my Superiors and clients as well. This would also help us express our thoughts and ideas clearly to individuals and groups.

I learned a lot especially in expressing myself. The TalkShop Consultant speaks clearly and he seems to be very knowledgeable of the subject-matter.

I learned to speak confidently in public avoiding mannerisms.


I learn some points to consider in public speaking. I like the presentations and the topics. I learned new things. Just hope for personal coaching.

TalkShop Consultants presented well. There was an additional knowledge.


Thank you!

I think I learned a lot from this training. The Resource Speaker has the mastery of the presentations. I learned how to decline a request in good manner and also how to introduce a speaker.

The program design is excellent, understandable, and efficient. I like the interaction with other participants the most.

TalkShop Consultants are good in explaining every topic.

Anna Carmille Lucas, Training Officer

I’m so blessed to be part of the training. This is very useful for me especially in my job. To the training team, TalkShop, God bless and more power to your organization.

I learned so many things especially on the dos and don’ts in public speaking. This is very useful for me as a Training officer because this is my everyday life. I like the activities which enhance the participation of the people in the session hall.

They are one of the best Speakers I met. They delivered the subject-matter and can relate with the participants.

I’m trying to talk in English. I’m shy to use the language for I’m not sure if I can say it right. Today, I try to speak in English little by little.

Justine prince Danielle Bunales, SWO 11

I learned so much about non-verbal communication like gestures and manifestations of a nervous and non-confident person. The program design is good. The area that I like most is the template the Speaker gives which will be highly helpful in my work.

The TalkShop Consultants gave examples which are very helpful for a trainee to visualize and imagine how a certain discussion, concepts, and ideas could be done.

I am inspired. TalkShop saved me from my thoughts that I was weak because I get nervous when I speak in front of the crowd.

Jesusa Arinzo, Dentist

I learned new things which I haven’t heard in any workshops. The program design is well-researched and prepared.

TalkShop Consultants are very knowledgeable of what they are saying. They really show confidence.

This workshop will enhance my way of doing my presentation.

Mario Angelo Pascua

I learned a lot especially the use of PNP and PRA including the proper way of speaking in public. The program design is good which can help a lot improve public speaking.

TalkShop Consultants are well-trained and know the topics very well. The workshop helps me to know more on public speaking.

Jelyn lopez Payatin, SWO 11

This training is very substantial and is very unique compared to other workshops I’ve attended. This helps me enhance my personality/skills/knowledge and attitude especially in speaking in public.

I also learned how to lessen negative feelings like nervousness during public speaking. Good design. All topics are relevant. It’s a job well-done for TalkShop Consultants. To talk more with confidence is the transformative effect of this workshop.

Emelinda Badong, MDO-1

I learned a lot in this training and improved interaction with one another with confidence. The program design is to make the presentation more creative. I like all the topics for they refreshed my mind about effective communication in public speaking.

TalkShop Consultants are effective and efficient in delivering their topics. I start from being simple and learn to improve confidence.

Majel Peracho, SWO 1

I like to talk somehow in public or with others but I get nervous and being shy that I became silent. This public speaking helps me to realize that like what Sir Caloy said that it is not the words we say but how we say it and we would say it with confidence.

I learned many things in public speaking with TalkShop like power pose, delivering a talk, art of storytelling, communication frameworks, signs of security, and voice modulation.

I like the pixar pitch. The consultants are excellent. I will practice what I’ve learned.


Public speaking is very beneficial to us and useful not only at work but also with every day activity. I like all the topics.

TalkShop Consultants are very active with sense of humor. The workshop enlightens me to develop self-confidence.

Luz, Activity Therapist

As an IDCB Alternate, I have difficulty in making feedback, report, documentation, project proposal. But then it is my responsibility to do my task accordingly. With the training, I was given the chance to gain insights in public speaking and to communicate effectively.

I gain knowledge and skills in public speaking on how to communicate effectively in front of others to overcome stage fright.

I like the role playing, singing, presentation, peer group wherein each member was able to perform in front and share my personality.

The Consultants deliver well the module and connect effectively to the participants.

Being able to share my views during group exercises that contribute to the presentation of the team is the transformative effect.

Aessida Valientes, SWO 1

My experience with Talkshop is memorable because I got and learned points in communicating and preparing presentation. I also learned how to introduce a Resource Speaker. I facilitated in one of the activities that I didn’t have any idea how to do it. I aspire to be a good as an emcee for I see myself to be a serious and boring person in front.

The program design is well-explained that I can relate to the topic. I like communicating effectively to your audience.

TalkShop consultants are excellent in their profession and they know how to help their audience.

Norhaniza Airah Calaca, SWO 11

I learned a lot. No words can fully express. Anyway, I really like to emphasize my learning on Pixar pitch, PREP method, and the PNP method. They are beneficial to me as a social worker who always has to speak with lots of people from different backgrounds.

On technicalities, I think the training team has delivered the whole program in an effective manner. On a more personal observation, I think they’re all friendly and who always put a smile on their faces which put at ease the participants.

I think transformation is too early for me to say. But I can say that this training is super duper important. I’m gonna try using this methods I learned in my dealings. You can count on me with that!

On a serious note, I think I’d love to try doing impromptu speeches next time.

TalkShop Now Offers Foreign Language Training with Native Speakers


Globalization has paved the way for foreign languages to thrive, to the advantage of linguists. Today, companies, professionals, students, and career changers realize the increasing role of language experts and are investing time and money learning productively.

TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca shares, “Learning a language is no longer a diversion. It is a necessity for one to keep growing and being ready for global opportunities. What better way to get ahead as well as make best use of time than by learning a new language.”

Linguists often find work in specific language areas such as teaching, interpreting, and translating. But with the strong demand, many move on to career areas in the BPO industry, IT and communication, Foreign Service, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Leisure, and Education. “And opportunities will continue to expand with globalization,” adds Viescawho has beefed up her corporate training programs with foreign language offerings in partnership with PlusEV Language Solutions.

“We can take on the teaching of all foreign languages with our pool of credible and reliable native speakers who make the language learning authentic. Learning is more gainful and meaningful with teachers who are native speakers. The cultural immersion enhances the training that makes for greater understanding and appreciation of diversity. This is a bonus that sets the foundation for culture awareness and sensibility, empowering our students to navigate their way through multicultural settings.” says Viesca.

For queries, call (63) 917 790 5588 | (63) 917 877 5588 or send an inquiry to

TalkShop Pioneers Online Training for Trainers

TalkShop Pioneers Online Training for Trainers
page-8 Section- B

Talkshop’s Training The Trainer Goes Online

TalkShop, the leading ISO-certified training facility that is accredited with the Civil Service Commission launches its “Training the Trainer for Online Learning”.   With this, the company enables   business owners, government leaders, school owners, coaches, and mentors to take their craft on a global platform with online tools and digital resources that ensure the delivery of e-learning programs that are targeted, flexible, immediate, convenient, and cost-effective.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Founder explains, “This training runs for a minimum of 3 days, to orient trainers in using online tools like Google Hangout and Webex, among others.  Trainers master the systematic processes of online training delivery.This will likewise touch on soft skills like communication, coaching, and developing one’s emotional quotient (EQ). Trainers, after all, must teach while they motivate and inspire.”

The workshop aims to bring the classroom experience to learners in different parts of the country and from around the globe. Trainers master the training skills such as assessment, curriculum design, facilitation and instruction, which are necessary for both classroom and online teaching.  All throughout, the objective revolves on learner development as importance is given to meaningful and relevant content in simulated online training experience.

Sheila Viesca is the proponent Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) an approach to learner development that incorporates the teaching styles of the West with the learning styles of the East in an interactive setting, enriched with researched-based materials and situational exercises.  This methodology is applied throughout all of TalkShop’s training programs and customized designs in Management, Leadership, Communication, Personality Development, Corporate Effectiveness, and Protocol Training.

TalkShop’s Training the Trainer for Online Learning is now offered to local firms after its successful run and implementation in the teaching programs of international companies.

Call Us: (63) 917 790 5588 | (63) 917 877 5588





TalkShop Partners with Plus EV Language Solutions

TalkShop is now offering language courses through its partnership with Plus EV Language Solutions. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO informs, “This partnership allows us to fortify our Personal Effectiveness Program, offering solutions to professionals, expats, and students to boost their potentials as the demand for multilingual professionals grows in the globalized workplace.”

TalkShop has a strong pool of language experts, many of whom are native language-speakers as well as expert trainers. This is in keeping with our global standards of excellence as we enforce quality management in our service.

Viesca informs, “Typically, languages that are most in demand are Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Italian. The need becomes increasingly significant in the light of ASEAN 2015, when the region consolidates into one market. Those wanting to maximize the benefits will do well to enroll in language classes that can position themfor advancement in the New Year.”

❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞-Frank Smith

TalkShop is also accredited with the Civil Service Commission and is affiliated with the International English Education Research Association (IEERA).  (63) 917 790 5588 | (63) 917 877 5588| Foreign Languages, English as a Second Language (ESL), Teaching English as a Second / Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL), Global Business Etiquette

GN Power Picks TalkShop



GN Power (GNP), a joint venture between Nauru-based Power Partners Ltd.Co. and  PMR holdings, has recently concluded a  Technical  and Content Writing workshop  for its engineers  and supervisors. Colin  Parrish, GNP General Manager informs, “As an ISO-certified power provider, we have to be selective in giving quality training and choosing the right business partners.TalkShop’s status as an ISO-certified company is the commonalitythat assure we speak the same language of quality and excellence. This was apparent in the course outline, the conduct of the course, and the caliber of the facilitators.Our technical staff found the sessions productive, with useful lessons that drove home the need to advance in their communication proficiency and service excellence.”

TalkShop  adopts Integrated Language Teaching (ILT), which CEO Sheila Viesca pioneered in the country in 2002. This format method adopts 30% lesson/discussion and 70% interactiveand evaluative activities that drive home the lessons. Viesca stresses, “When the student is fully involved in the learning process that is targeted to his needs, he truly learns, and ends up contributing so much more to his company and team.”

TalkShop is also accredited with the Civil Service Commission and affiliated with the U.S. based- International English Education Research Association.  Programs are listed on and can be customized on request at (63) 917 790 5588 | (63) 917 877 5588