Presentation Support Solutions

  • Specialized Corporate Presenters
  • Excellent Public Speaking Skills
  • Creative Presentations
  • Focus on Company Needs
  • Strategic Presentation Planning

Recruitment Support Solutions

  • Assisting the client identify the appropriate job title for the workers needed
  • Assisting the client verify job descriptions and job requirements
  • Identifying the appropriate prevailing wage for the category
  • Assisting the client identify the  best region to source the right personnel
  • Assisting the client identify the number of workers necessary for the job

Planning – Practicing – Delivering

TalkShop has developed and operates a powerful corporate business model, which we use to create effective and efficient presentation support solutions for our clients.

Sales Presentation Solutions

The TalkShop Presentation Platform provides a comprehensive set of tools and services that enable us to create optimized presentation campaigns for any market segment and business, enabling you to set recognition you deserve in the market.

Recruitment Plan

  1. To generate quality employees
  2. To help expand the business by grooming high quality   leaders as presenters
  3. To ultimately increase revenue in the business
  4. To incorporate best practices for interviews, qualifying, and hiring


“because they matter to your business”

The Company

  • TalkShop has developed a powerful formula for success, utilizing the power of image presentation to help businesses target the right market.
  • We deliver extraordinary results in the areas that represent our client’s business.
  • We offer expert advice and professional development training to build diverse candidate pipelines for any organization in any industry.
  • We deliver extraordinary results in the areas of diverse pipeline building, recruiting and hiring, career consulting and professional development.

We have noticed a lot of talk about PowerPoint lately. About how it is so difficult and how it leads to awful presentations. But the problem isn’t PowerPoint, of course. The problem is bad content delivered poorly.

We talk and present for a living, and hear lots of presentations at the conferences we attend. Here at TalkShop, we choose the right people for the right business. People who represent the image you want for the company to deliver your presentation needs.

Flexible Solutions for your Business Needs

Here is what TalkShop can incorporate into your presentation. With TalkShop, you have the choice to always do it right

  • Content Development – No approach is good enough if the meat of the presentation is not succinct or relevant. We apply creativity and logic in polishing your presentation content to guarantee the promotion and sale of your product and services to the target market.
  • Humor- You need a light touch that breaks the ice, yet it is a difficult thing to pull off in a presentation. Think carefully about the audience, and consider whether humor is suitable to the situation and to your style.
  • Professional Gestures and Body Language – The right movements can add clarity to the presentation as well as hold the attention of an audience.
  • Excellent Vocal Tone and Pace – A monotone presentation will most likely cause your audience to switch off and lose interest. Let them visualize your point and be convinced with your message.
  • Appropriate Visual Aids – Relevant and captivating tools can help enhance key points and keep audiences entertained during the presentation.
  • Panel Rehearsal – Timing, vocal inflection, volume, credibility, effective practice, and powerful delivery are the guarantee when we partner with you.
  • No to Info Overload – The best approach is to work on a technique where you can use a few graphs or information to support your key points, while we help you with the additional data you may need.