When a statement is presented, do you accept it at face value, or do you seek to know more? Do you ask why it is so? Does your mind come up with possible arguments or a stream of questions that could shake up or enhance a discussion?

If you’re the type of person who insists on looking deeper into things—to verify facts, to research on other conclusions, or similar—you are likely a critical thinker. This isn’t an inborn talent; it’s a skill anyone can develop. And it’s an important, practical skill to hone because critical thinking leads to discussions that result in more thorough, well-thought through solutions.

One of the best ways to apply critical thinking skills is through critical writing. TalkShop’s Critical Writing course gets you to reflect, listen, note-take, and think creatively—more comprehensively. The course teaches you how to form effective arguments, the different formats in which critical writing applies, and how it helps improve your work competencies as a whole.