Department of Tourism Chooses TalkShop for Foreign Service Training

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The Department of Tourism (DOT), the  Philippine government’s executive department responsible for the regulation of the Philippine tourism industry and the promotion of the Philippines as a tourist destination, has chosen TalkShop to facilitate its very first Competency Enhancement Training for the country’s candidates for Tourism Attache posting in 7 countries and 12 prime cities where the country has diplomatic representation.

For almost 2 decades now, TalkShop has been the leading consultancy and training institute that serves the requirements of leaders and movers from various industries and international firms based in the Philippines.



TalkShop CEO and Lead Coach, Sheila Viesca was tasked to design the 7-day curriculum for the 5 batches of Tourism Officials who qualified to undergo training in self-awareness and capacity-building, as well as connecting with different personality types and adjusting to different nationalities.  It comes as no surprise that this is one key competency in a posting that requires extreme sensibility and professionalism in customer service, foreign relations, and conflict management.


This training is in line with DOT’s Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) Program for Foreign Offices personnel.   Interested applicants for the Tourism Attache (TA) and Tourism Officer (TO) positions who meet the qualification requirements undergo the training to assess their potentials and motivations related to the competencies needed for the specified overseas positions.

Undergoing the training makes an applicant eligible for future deployment to the DOT Foreign Offices, subject to issuance of an official appointment.

TalkShop’s Ms. Sheila Viesca is known in the training industry as the ultimate all-in-one coach. Her list of discerning clientele who go through any of her corporate trainings and personal effectiveness programs boasts of record breaking improvements in team members’ productivity and leadership skills. This training that is instrumental in bringing out global competitiveness among all participants is where her expertise in delivery and team management is felt from the first day to the last.

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As designed by TalkShop in collaboration with key officers of the Department of Tourism, this training module ranges from communicating with impact, cross culture communication, global language excellence, business protocol and etiquette, social media training, technical writing, marketing management, events planning, crises handling, problem solving, decision making, time and stress management, personality development, image enhancement and social graces – all that together with foreign language enhancement and fine dining etiquette.

TalkShop, apart from being known in the training industry for its years of credibility and quality references, passed the rigid evaluation of the Department of Tourism after DOT’s comparative evaluation of current training providers. And true to its reputation, TalkShop’s 7-day Foreign Service Training design has been a consistent hit among the officers and division heads who attend in preparation for their desired foreign posting.

For more details, check out or call TalkShop at (632) 8894 5588 to learn more about the Civil Service accredited programs for yourself and your teams.