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Diplomatic missions engage TalkShop to foster the Customer-Centric mindset among its delegates and staff –

Another testament to TalkShop’s reliability when it comes to designing and conducting the most effective trainings for individuals and organizations.  TalkShop operates on the belief that Exceptional Customer Service is vital to any organization that has contact with customers. And that to an organization of value, all customers matter.  This year, TalkShop delivers a customized training design to address the requirements of Indonesian Embassy in leveling up the competencies of its personnel in terms of image, communication, and service orientation.



Day 1 started with values alignment complemented by drills in customer service excellence, such as making the right impression, extending greetings, introducing self, effective listening, and making day to day communications purpose-driven.

Day 2 focused on various aspects of communication, such as assertiveness, building audience connection, projecting the power image in the visual, vocal, and verbal aspects of communication.

Day 3 reinforced customer diplomacy by using the right tone and mastering various modes of communication. Global etiquette was applied as participants learned to write better emails and construct sensible remarks when conversing and giving feedback.

Day 4 addressed concerns in structure and audience engagement as participants learned to deliver the right message and handle queries and concerns with tact.  Also included are language frameworks in handling meetings, giving instructions, and facilitating media interviews.

Day 5     capped the program with lessons in image enhancement and corporate branding.  Participants learned to use self-affirmation techniques and effectively model their role by learning about proper make-up application, dressing up, and even how to tie a necktie.



Indonesian Embassy Staff share their TalkShop experience:

During TalkShop’s Customer Service Excellence workshop, I learned many things especially different keys on how to be more confident in handling clients and making them feel right all the time. I learned how to be effective in communication. The program design is very flexible.  Ms. Sheila Viesca is a very good Consultant. I learned how to be confident. – Mary Antonette Gonzales, Secretary


I would like to express my heartiest appreciation to Ms. Sheila for giving us a wonderful lecture.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. I refreshed my knowledge. I really appreciate all the topics learned from TalkShop workshop. The Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is knowledgeable. I learned how to deal with different people like listening first before giving an answer.  – Juvy Bautista, Secretary


TalkShop seminar is great. I like all the areas we discussed. The TalkShop Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is an excellent Communicator. You can understand what she discusses and explains.  I like her teaching style, engaging and not boring. The workshop has made me realize that I need to love myself and develop my self-confidence. The program design is very effective. Ms. Sheila Viesca is amazing, very smart and full of energy. She inspired me much. The workshop taught me to have a good relations and interaction. – Mary Jane Alonza, Admin Staff


I’ve learned how to make attractive communication.  Ms. Sheila has taught me much information. The program design that TalkShop introduced is good. Thank you, TalkShop. I learned a lot. In fact, I am already applying what I learned from the workshop.  The program design is excellent. I like the customer relations and everyday etiquette the most.  Ms. Sheila Viesca is excellent, humble, pretty with nice attitude. The workshop has boosted my self-confidence.–  Ajib Akbar Velayaty, Asst. for Economic Affairs


I truly and sincerely enjoyed TalkShop’s Customer Service Excellence workshop. It helped me refresh my English grammar, added to my vocabulary and polished my diction. The program design is excellent. I like the exercises on pronunciation and the use of adverbs. The Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is excellent with pleasing personality. She’s so presentable, fun, articulate. She really is an expert in her craft. The workshop taught me not to be shy nor intimidated and follow the correct manner of expressing myself in the English language.                      – Bernadette Simon, Secretary of Social and Cultural Affairs


What I’ve learned from TalkShop is how to be more effective to communicate with the people in different situations. The program design is informative indeed. I like the everyday etiquette the most. It says:  Etiquette goes beyond what you think others may see. Also it reflects our personality. Ms. Sheila Viesca is pretty and is such a good Trainer. TalkShop workshop makes me eager to learn and enhance more my communication skills especially at the workplace. – Norhaina Matuan, Administrative Staff


I would like to express my personal appreciation to Ms. Sheila for imparting her expertise to all of us. I am grateful to the proponents of this short course. It is rewarding to learn again what was taken for granted through the years due to the force of environment. The program design is excellent. I appreciate all areas that we’ve taken up. Kudos to the one-of-a-kind trainer! Ms. Sheila is perfectly knowledgeable of her craft. – Bella Custodio, Secretary


I really enjoyed the workshop. In a very short time, The Consultant taught us complete stuff like customer service, personality development, and handling different personalities. I hope to develop more to become a better person. TalkShop design is excellent and very interesting. The area that I like most is pronunciation and proper reading.  Ms. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop Consultant, is very smart, intelligent and not boring. She has the sense of humor while teaching. I learned to be patient especially in dealing clients and serving people in my department. – Rowena Larida, Secretary


It has been my plan to enroll myself in an English workshop to develop my communication skills. However, my work schedule didn’t permit it to happen. I am glad this opportunity comes and I’m happy learning and looking forward to more. From scale 1-10, I gave TalkShop a 9. The program design is very effective. The area I like most is when we tackled the correct pronunciation of some English words and correct preposition use in constructing sentences.


Ms. Sheila is nice, pretty, sexy and excellent in teaching the whole duration. The workshop has helped me improve my English communication by gestures, facial expressions, oral and written.  – Nelyza Faro, Administrative Secretary


The workshop helped to remind employees that understanding the benefits of effective communication aids the organization to foster a harmonious atmosphere within the workplace that can boost its performance. I learned a lot which served as a refresher in grammar, diction and enunciation. The program design is simple and easy to take. I found the tips in effectively dealing with situations requiring oral and written skills particularly helpful. Ms. Sheila is pleasant and skilled in her craft. I am now much mindful of how I communicate with my colleagues and clients.– Nestor Pardo, Consular Staff


The workshop is really good and very functional. I am personally satisfied of what I’ve learned from the workshop. I learned quite much even for 3 days only. The lessons are interesting to learn. The program is quite attractive, lessons are easy to understand, class atmosphere isn’t serious but proved really effective. Ms. Sheila is really good in her field. We can understand what she was teaching. I believe now I have become more patient with the clients. I try my best now to be a listener for the customer. Also I try my best in pronouncing words properly.– Sheila Solihati Aryasha, Consular Staff


It is a good opportunity, late for me as it may, but at least I got an experience with TalkShop. I am happy. I learned a lot and had fun in knowing our mistakes in public speaking and pronunciation. The program is good enough for younger ones in the embassy. All areas I have encountered from the previous meetings are also very helpful. Ms. Sheila is efficient and effective. I think I gained more confidence when emceeing.  – Marivic Marcaida, Secretary Economic Section


TalkShop’s program in Customer Service Excellence is interesting. I learned things on how to communicate with others. Everything that we tackled is great like delivery of speech, how to start letters. These serve a lot to improve my self-confidence.  What I like most is when you’re talking to someone you have to listen and if you have comment, think first before you talk. I appreciate the Consultant’s teaching. I learned a lot of things and will apply them personally especially when talking to others.  – Mario  Realin, Protocol and Consular Staff


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