The Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), more popularly known as the
Pag-IBIG Fund  through its Human Resource Development Department (HRDD) has
partnered with Sheila Viesca, CEO of TalkShop, the leading corporate learning center in the Philippines and an affiliate of the Civil Service Commission to conduct six (6) batches of  a 2-day program in Business Protocol Training : Global Manners and Etiquette Mastery.

The training event to be held at the Pag-IBIG Fund Pasay City Branch for the months of August to October 2018 caters to all key personnel, beginning with the Corporate Executive Officers (CEOs) from various functional areas who provide executive, administrative and development support to the management of the Pag-IBIG Fund.
In the interest of engaging participants, each learning point is highlighted using interactive discussions instead of straight lectures.  This aims to encourage a conscious and deliberate application of the protocols during the dynamic exercises, allowing maximum retention and easy recall of  learning.

All participants undergo an initial diagnostic that provides insight on one’s how thinking style impacts purposive communication and the use of various communication tools and techniques. TalkShop keeps in mind one’s unique personality and thinking style, enabling participants to find the confidence to deliver the right message under pressure. Communication frameworks like positive scripting are reinforced to enhance language sensibilities and creative thinking.

The effect of physiology on psychology, posture on frame of mind is emphasized in all interactions and lectures.  All throughout, the polishing and professionalizing of one’s role at the Pag-IBIG Fund is honed through the promotion common sense and social sensibility, good manners and etiquette such as proper handshake, courteous introductions, good grooming, fine dining, and even ceremonial protocols.

An affiliate of the Civil Service Commission, TalkShop helps  professionals in government service by creating customized programs that address their need, schedule  and  requirements  at work.   Founded by Dr. Sheila T. Viesca in 2000,  TalkShop is a leading provider of Corporate Programs  to help empower individuals, build companies and promote moral values.
As an ISO-Certified Communication Consultancy, TalkShop remains committed to improving effectiveness of the quality management system through training programs that are competency-based, results-oriented and customer-centered.