Leadership Training and Corporate Branding

CORPORATE BRANDING builds awareness, loyalty, preference and value for the company. It does more than specific products or services ever could.  This critical corporate activity enables the company to build its reputation, stand out from competition and project the values of the company that will ultimately attract the clients.

Many companies rely solely on their marketing teams for their branding efforts.  But while Corporate Branding campaigns have been equated with advertising campaigns and packaging, strong brands are not built solely by the marketing team. One powerful brand asset of the company are its people.

After all, employees are the most credible source of information when it comes to their business.  Employees who are thoroughly engaged, connected and committed also serve as brand ambassadors.

When a company shows that it cares about the well-being of an employee, employee engagement and buy-in of all that the brand represents is promoted. When company leaders educate their team on the brand and live the brand, brand awareness is heightened.
Organizations that promote a platform for personal and leadership training allows employees to discover how they can deliver on a corporate brand promise in a way that is authentic.
As the Philippines’ leading training institute for personal effectiveness, corporate protocol, and management communication, TalkShop partners with government groups, private organizations and individuals who seek career advancement and personal growth.
TalkShop provides flexible solutions for business needs in the areas of Career Consulting and Professional Development, Recruitment, Corporate Presentation, Sales and Marketing.  Founded in 2000 by Dr. Sheila T. Viesca, TalkShop remains committed to providing clients with the most effective yet simplest tools to guarantee professional progress and personal enrichment.