TalkShop brings out the best in sales teams with a comprehensive program in corporate selling that focuses on the powerful aspects of good salesmanship and closing techniques.

TalkShop Sales Academy is the answer to the most common desire of company owners and managers – profitable performance. From qualifying prospects, to closing deals, to repeating business – TalkShop will make sure that your team excels and delivers.

TalkShop teaches the techniques of modern selling – closing while consulting, pioneered by the experts in Integrated Language Teaching. You and your sales team will learn the surefire way to build rapport, build relationships, and build the business. If you feel stuck and are tired of getting rejected, call our TalkShop Consultant at (63) 917 790 5588 | (63) 917 877 5588 to receive a 30-minute sales coaching session. Then decide from there.

TalkShop has coached many sales professionals and leading companies to realize immediate improvements in their business using proven concepts that generate qualified prospects, sell more products, and attract repeat business.