Tourism Attaches and Foreign Service Diplomats represent the Philippines in their place of assignment across the globe. The competencies they exhibit in the performance of their duties and responsibilities  is a reflection of the best our country can offer.  Their mindset and sensibility likewise determine how effective they are in showcasing the productivity and adaptability of the Filipino. How they adjust to their new location reflects Filipino genius and heart.

Foreign Service Competency Enhancement is an on-going interest to effectively cope with the changing demands of the global work environment.  The Department of Tourism has partnered with TalkShop, led by its CEO, Dr. Sheila T. Viesca, to run the 7-day program for its Tourism Officers and Attaches to be trained in a variety of competencies  that will translate into observable skills and attitudes essential for success in a global  work environment  and leadership role away from home.   Below are the components of the module that Foreign Service Attaches and Potential Candidates for Overseas Posting undergo.

* Audience Analysis   * Confidence Building
* The Art of Storytelling

This module enables the participants to acquire and master effective communication skills – – a skill that can be learned and applied in engaging varied type of audiences.
When the skill is mastered, thoughts can be articulated and expressed with fluidity and impact. In addition, the delivery of interesting and compelling presentations is done with apparent ease.

It must be noted that the new found confidence in spoken or written English, expressed for varied audiences, is based on one’s mastery of the conventions prescribed specifically for the English language, including vocal projection, pronunciation and articulation.  When the speaker or writer selects the right words, adopts verbal and visual expressions that seem to flow naturally, communication impacts the audience positively.

* Grammar Mastery
* Assertiveness and Sensibility
* Communication Frameworks

This module provides the participants an opportunity to review the parts of speech and master correct grammatical patterns and sentence construction in activity-based discussions. Participants engage in grammar games, guided writing activities, and speech exercises to immerse in meaningful interactive learning experience.

With the Integrated Language Teaching method of TalkShop, participants are able to dramatically improve their Grammar Masteryin a fun and easy way.  As mastery is achieved, the participants are able to speak and write in English more naturally and credibly. More importantly, their message is effectively communicated.

The module in Assertiveness and Sensibility guides the participants in applying leadership techniques to effectively deliver their message. Participants are made aware of the importance of word choice sensibility while they are guided to structure the delivery of their message in a manner that will be easily understood and appreciated.

Assertive Communication is a skill that can be developed and employed to express ideas with diplomacy.  It takes this skill to handle pressure with grace and obtain concessions that are mutually beneficial.

* Discussion of Countries
* Technical Communication and Business Writing

This module provides  a  better understanding of the perspectives, culture, habits and values not only of the Filipino but also the peoples of the host countries.  As the Filipino professional working away from home acquires a better understanding and appreciation of his own mindset, he develops a framework with which to view cultural gaps and differences.

The depth of self-awareness reached opens the mind to welcome creative ways of dealing with diversity and cultural differences. The Filipino professionals in our diplomatic corps are empowered by the strength of the Filipino work ethic.  This training ensures that costly cultural gaps are minimized if not completely avoided.

Different  techniques that can improve writing skills are re-visited in this course. Various technical formats of written composition and the preparation of professional business correspondence are discussed to upgrade the participants’ Technical Writing proficiency.

TalkShop recognizes that writers who produce compositions with the air of sophistication and mastery of diplomacy gain higher credibility and prestige in the professional community. In this regard, this module ensures that revisions and proofreading of technical and business compositions are brought to a minimum as the participants achieve a degree of proficiency in technical writing and business correspondence.

* Cross Culture Norms and Diversity
* Media Training and Marketing 101
* Intercultural Orientation and Adaptability

This module on BUSINESS AND SERVICE ETIQUETTE discusses how to properly communicate with the target audience, while being mindful of the differences in orientation, culture and values. It is complemented by lessons covering social media applications, like Media Training and Content Marketing, to orient and familiarize participants with different activities like marketing, purchasing, selling, training, consulting, and building on-line communities across different social media channels. This module enables both the social media savvy and newbie participants to identify
* the social media channel that suits their requirements,
* the appropriate social media communication style and tone as well as
* the effective use of social media for customer service and strengthening of customer relations

An on-line task management is among the valuable interactive learning experience and facilitator-based discussions provided in this course.


* Events Planning and Organization
* Crisis Management
* Problem  Solving and Decision Making

The LEADERSHIP TRAINING module allows the participant to identify the leadership style that best resonates with one’s personality.  TalkShop’s Integrated Language Teaching  –  an interactive learning experience coupled with facilitator-based discussions  –  encourages a proactive, solutions-oriented mindset not only for handling difficult situations but also for keeping the team spirit high.

Great managers standout easily when they develop solutions and arrive at timely decisions. Effective Problem Solving was designed to enhance decision-making, problem and situational analysis skills and its application in daily office situations


* Personality Profiling
* Protocol Training
* Handling Diversity

This module raises the participants’ work performance to a higher notch by providing tools to understand oneself and others better.  Participants are guided in the use of Personality Profiling to enhance their job performance and contributions to the team by providing a means to evaluate indicators of one’s personal attributes, values and life skills. Indeed, when different types of co-workers are better understood there is greater harmony in the workplace.

Protocol Training engages the participants to navigate protocol and policy discussions based on a solid foundation of tradition. The learning experience covers skills in designing an organization’s protocol standards, safeguarding corporate culture and cascading the same to other Protocol trainers. When key personnel of an organization are well-versed in its corporate protocols, standards and practices, their corporate culture and values are safeguarded. Shared values enable an organization to perform as a cohesive whole despite personality differences.

Handling Diversity enables the participant to recognize, respect and appreciate diversity — making it a friend instead of a foe. To ensure accomplishment of an organization’s goals against a backdrop of differences in age, culture, gender, perspectives, talent and many more, the creative use of diversity is encouraged.


* Image Enhancement and Make-Over
* Time & Stress Management
* Social Graces and Dining Etiquette

Image Enhancement and Make-Over hones in on the participants ability to conduct self-evaluation to improve one’s physical strengths, enhance self-awareness and apply the knowledge of stylish clothing, skin care, basic make-up and a healthy regimen for a polished and confident appearance.  Behind a confident professional is a person who has reached a level of self-acceptance and is comfortable in dealing with different social groups.
Time & Stress Management  was designed by TalkShop with the belief that we can all develop the skill to manage our time, take better control of our work and personal schedules with a healthy attitude.  Because prioritizing, deadlines and stress are common concerns many struggle with, this module encourages the use of centering and relaxation techniques for greater coherence, mindfulness and self-management.  Acquire a healthier approach towards your responsibilities and an overall healthier lifestyle as you minimize or avoid stress.

Social Graces and Dining Etiquette provides the participant a fresh insight of the basics of social graces. This allows the participant to emerge as a confident achiever who can impressively engage in any social situation.

TalkShop, the regional leader in training and consultancy designs and conducts comprehensive modules and individual programs to help individuals and companies upgrade their mindset and sensibility to hone in on their organization’s core values and their inherent cultural genius.erge as a confident achiever who can impressively engage in any social situation.

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