TalkShop Now Offers Foreign Language Training with Native Speakers


Globalization has paved the way for foreign languages to thrive, to the advantage of linguists. Today, companies, professionals, students, and career changers realize the increasing role of language experts and are investing time and money learning productively.

TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca shares, “Learning a language is no longer a diversion. It is a necessity for one to keep growing and being ready for global opportunities. What better way to get ahead as well as make best use of time than by learning a new language.”

Linguists often find work in specific language areas such as teaching, interpreting, and translating. But with the strong demand, many move on to career areas in the BPO industry, IT and communication, Foreign Service, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Leisure, and Education. “And opportunities will continue to expand with globalization,” adds Viescawho has beefed up her corporate training programs with foreign language offerings in partnership with PlusEV Language Solutions.

“We can take on the teaching of all foreign languages with our pool of credible and reliable native speakers who make the language learning authentic. Learning is more gainful and meaningful with teachers who are native speakers. The cultural immersion enhances the training that makes for greater understanding and appreciation of diversity. This is a bonus that sets the foundation for culture awareness and sensibility, empowering our students to navigate their way through multicultural settings.” says Viesca.

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