TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I learned about the coping mechanisms for stress to effectively minimize it. I like the Enneagram learning. The Trainer, Ms. Sheila Viesca, built rapport with all the participants. This training has helped me understand other people more and want to practice kindness to others and to myself as well.
Jean Lim, Stress and Time Management WorkShop by TalkShop
This is the first time to attend this kind of training. This is very helpful to everyone especially to us, employees. I’ve learned how to say yes and when to say no. I like all areas. Ms. Sheila Viesca is smart and beautiful. The workshop has helped my personal approach and confidence.
Ricky Morales, Stress and Time Management WorkShop by TalkShop
I gave TalkShop 5-rating. I learned about effectively reducing stress at some point and managing time on what to prioritize, what are important and what are not urgent. Ms. Sheila Viesca is an expert at all aspects. She is great and well-groomed. This workshop made me a better person.
Dave Pagao, Stress and Time Management WorkShop by TalkShop
I learned a lot not only about my life and choices but on how to improve myself to be the best of what I can be. I like the whole program for sure. Ms. Sheila Viesca is an excellent Speaker. She knows the topics very well and very accommodating with our queries. This workshop made me know myself better.
Ann Andres, Stress and Time Management WorkShop by TalkShop
I like all areas. TalkShop Consultants are competent. Knowing my negative personality, I need to work on it.
Zaids Fe Rarniro, Department of Trade and Industry
Events Management by TalkShop
While we have a lot of experience in event organizing, this training exposed and shed light on our weaknesses and strengths, opportunities and threats in managing an affair. This activity provided guidelines to become a more effective and efficient host. I learned a lot especially in the area of pre-event preparation (planning).The workshop provides us an avenue to express our ideas and interact with fellow participants. Ms. Sheila Viesca is well-versed in the discussion aside from having excellent academic background. The training rendered us additional skills and knowledge in the handling of an event properly through a systematic approach.
Roberto Muros, Department of Trade and Industry
Events Management by TalkShop
The workshop enhanced my capacity to implement an event, taking into account the major areas which have to be given focus and the 5 W’s to avoid failure. I am willing to share my learning to my officemates upon my return to my area of work so we will have a better teamwork to help us facilitate project implementation in our area. TalkShop program design is practical and could be readily adapted into our area of assignment. The topic I most like is understanding the personality of people and values with whom a person can work well. TalkShop Consultants are conversant with the topics assigned to them and made learning easier with an interactive approach in facilitating and incorporating true-to-life experiences to reflect the concepts introduced. Being an effective event organizer following the steps to consider is the workshop’s transformative effect
Ruthelma Samonte, Department of Trade and Industry
Events Management by TalkShop
I have been waiting for months for this workshop and I was glad that TalkShop conducted it. I was enlightened on some confusing problems I had in writing. I like the exercises the most. It was great that answering those challenged us. Ms. Sheila Viesca is an excellent Resource Speaker. TalkShop’s workshop has improved my technical writing skills.
Princess Marjorie Raye Peralta, Commission on Filipinos Overseas,
Technical Writing by TalkShop
I enjoyed and learned a lot from TalkShop’s workshop. I won’t forget how to use simple sentences and study this manual. I learned writing letters formal ones thus this training is what I need. The program design is impressive. What I like the most is while listening we were answering exercises.
Ma. Janine Erika Eusebio, Commission on Filipinos Overseas,
Technical Writing by TalkShop
This training is refreshing and gave us new thoughts on Technical Writing. I gave Ms. Viesca a 5 rating. There’s never a dull moment with her. Now, I’ve learned the use of semi colon.
Romeo Rosas II, Commission on Filipinos Overseas,
Technical Writing by TalkShop
I learned a lot from TalkShop’s workshop in Effective Technical Writing. Thank you for spending time with us. I like the exercises, techniques and the group workshop. Ms. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop’s Speaker, is qualified and professional. This workshop made me want to review the basic in Technical Writing.
Allan Ducusin, Commission on Filipinos Overseas,
Technical Writing by TalkShop
Thank you for the opportunity to be among your participants. It has been an insightful and eventful workshop. I have been hoping to be a part of this. This gave me the realization that no matter how good you become, there is more to improve. There is more to learn if I only choose to learn. This realization shall always be shared not only to inspire but to inform. I look forward to more self-improvement training with you.
Jessica Lahboy, Department of Trade and Industry
Present to Inform WorkShop
Indeed, I highly appreciate this TalkShop workshop. If there is one lesson from this learning session that will remain in my heart as long as I live, it would be this wisdom: Communication is supposed to make human lives better. I will take to heart all the learning from this 2-day course. I will definitely recommend this TalkShop to my officemates and friends.
Cresenciano Par, Department of Trade and Industry
Present to Inform WorkShop
Being able to communicate effectively is very important because it affects every aspect of our life. Your expertise in your career will be judged based on how well you express your ideas. Effective communication is crucial whether in written or spoken form. Our personal lives will be greatly affected and relationships may be threatened if we cannot clearly say or express our feelings. That is why I believe that for a person to succeed in life, he must be an effective communicator.
Jerelyn Bathan, Department of Trade and Industry
Present to Inform WorkShop
Thank you very much for this rare opportunity to be with you in this training. Truly, this is a very important training for us frontline service providers. Mabuhay po kayo! And we hope to have another opportunity in the future.
Victor Benganio, Department of Trade and Industry
Present to Inform WorkShop
It has been a remarkable four years to have you as our learning partner in Communication. As the project manager for the implementation of Competency-based offerings for the organization, I am truly overwhelmed with the consistency of the excellent service you provide to our clients, the DTI workforce. Your roster of Consultants headed by your CEO, Ms. Sheila Viesca has ensured that the objectives for every program conduct are met to the best of your abilities, which provided satisfaction from our clients who find the learning worthwhile and has made a difference in both their professional and personal lives. I hope that we would be able to continue the established partnership in the years to come. I wish your organization the best in all your endeavors.
Jesille Cornelio, Department of Trade and Industry
Present to Inform WorkShop
It’s a very nice and informative program. I learned much from it. The Enneagram is very interesting.Ms. Sheila Viesca is very smart and is such a hard-working person. I learned to think first before I act.
Dennis Santillan, ASTELLAS PHARMA
Confidence Building and Personality Development
This workshop has significantly helped me improve my grammar, pronunciation, analytical skills, critical thinking, and sentence structure. Also thanks for this workshop. My confidence in writing, as well as speaking, has leveled up. This also made me realize that the end user should be considered. The program design is easy to follow. I love the group activities.
Technical Report Writing
TalkShop has really helped me in speaking effectively andit has boosted my confidence when speaking and giving speeches. Thank you TalkShop for helping me conquer my fear in delivering and talking in public. I feel I’ve beaten 70% of the population who fear public speaking.I learned a lot especially I discovered that I need a lot of improvement. TalkShop has pointed it out. The workshop is really fun at the same time we learn every discussion happily. Ms. Sheila Viesca, the Facilitator is excellent. The workshop has helped me understand myself better.
Bianca Theresa Antonio, HAREM INC.
Salesmanship and Communication Excellence
The objectives of the training were clearly defined. I’ve learned some techniques to be a good public speaker. The program design has met the company expectations. I like giving instructions the most like the concept of using point, reason, and action.The Consultant showed confidence in this seminar. The workshop has helped increase my self-confidence.
Ma. Venus Larin, TP Section, SMK
Effective Communication and Presentation Skills Training

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