TalkShop Trains the Office of the President’s Commission on Filipinos Overseas (Part 1)

The Office of the Office of the President’s Commission on Filipinos Overseas take on TalkShop’s comprehensive workshop in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

Participants got immersed in interactive drills like how to craft the ultimate introduction, how to facilitate an event, how to engage the audience, and how to tell a story.  The 2-Saturday workshop exposed them to the essentials of public speaking as they learned to be more in touch with their story and one with their message.  The art of preparation, together with the many communication strategies, was also highlighted during the fun games and activities that only TalkShop,  pioneer of Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in the Philippines,  could deliver best.

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas


The most memorable activity for many is the storytelling which challenged the individuals not only to write their message within a limited time, but also to deliver their speech without relying on their notes, while applying appropriate tonal and visual cues that will captivate and inspire the audience.  After a series of controlled and semi-controlled activities though out the workshop, the final rounds of activities became a showcase and empowering revelation of creativity, confidence and sensibility among the individuals in the group. 

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas



Here is what participants have to say about their TalkShop experience:


Kristine Gacer, Senior Emigrant Services Officer

TalkShop’s Public Speaking workshop is better than I expected. It was not stressful as I thought it would be.  In fact, it is very entertaining and inspiring. I learned a lot about being a better speaker. I hope to apply all of these learning during my future presentations.  The program design is very audience-centric. What I like most is the introduction of the Pixar Pitch which made storytelling so much easier. I also liked the correction of pronunciation.


TalkShop’s Facilitator, Ms. Sheila Viesca is very approachable and considerate. Her mastery of the topic is extremely apparent. I was inspired to improve my communication skills, not just for other people but for myself.


Joanna Lyn Rodriguez


I am thankful for today’s workshop in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills by TalkShop. It inspired me to write and speak up my mind and heart! I learned a lot. It did not only improve my communication skills but it also did promote self-development. The program design is easy to understand. The phasing is good. I really like the storytelling activity.

Ms. Sheila Viesca, the TalkShop Consultant, is an expert and has a good sense of humor. She’s an inspiration. The workshop’s transformative effect is that I became comfortale in embracing my voice.


Mayumi Peralta, AO 111


I always thought that because I am a PDOS Officer, I’m a good public speaker but being good is not enough. One needs to be effective through this workshop. I realized that I still have lots to learn when it comes to both public speaking and effective communication. I learned so many tips in public speaking. I also learned that I am very creative according to the diagnostic, which is actually true.  Everything is interesting. Informative yet fun at the same time – usually those two words are hard to incorporate in presentation and training.


Ms. Sheila Viesca is the manifestation of an effective public speaker and communicator. I also admire how she mixes serious topics and flawlessly incorporates humorous remarks.  The practical tips in public speaking left an impact and I’m excited to apply this in my PIDOS next week.


Erwin Paul Cristobal, ESO 11


I will recommend TalkShop to other potential clients. The one that I like most is the storytelling part of this activity for I tried to share my personal story in straight English to the best of my capability. Ms. Sheila Viesca is an excellent Speaker. The workshop has enhanced my confidence to communicate in English.


Romeo Rosas, Chief MISD

I learned new things. I’m excited about our next training with Ms. Sheila.  TalkShop has a different approach. It is more interactive and interesting. I like the vocal and WIIFM the most. Ms. Sheila Viesca is excellent in her topic, expert in her field. That confidence that I can be a better speaker and writer is the transformative effect.


Beda Pereyra


The TalkShop Facilitator, Ms. Sheila Viesca is a great example of a good public speaker.  From the way she stands, dresses up and talks with her intonation – she has inspired me to become like her. Today’s session taught me to become more relaxed when talking in front of people by knowing and preparing what do you want to share with the audience.


The program is well-designed. I like the workshop part where everybody got to speak in front of people. Ms. Sheila Viesca is an engaging and excellent Speaker.


Mia Bisa, ESO II


I didn’t think I’d have fun from this training.  It is safe to say that my supposed holiday break is worth spending in training after all. Thank you, Ms. Sheila.  This training offered something new for our self-improvement not just as public speakers but as individuals, too. The program design will definitely be useful for all of us.  Ms. Sheila didn’t make us feel intimidated of her and that felt good.   She taught us to be comfortable in your own skin. Improvement happens every day.


Elfred del Rosario, ESO II


I’ve been reminded of many things from the past by just sharing stories and writing my thoughts. I learned much today, though there are things that I already knew it’s still a refreshing experience for me. It is empowering because I got to understand public speaking from a different light. I like the part when I can practice what is taught, while enjoying the pronunciation exercises, sharing stories and writing. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable and friendly. She speaks confidently.


Paul Avecilla, SESO


The strategy in building our confidence to speak is different from the usual class that I attended wherein there is no respect for audience capacity and the focus was simply on the techniques, but for our seminar today from TalkShop, I like the powerful small talk/tips. Also the posture helps to boost confidence by building your image and by accepting ourselves. The program design is relaxed yet substantial. Ms. Sheila is someone that CFO is longing for – a humble and intelligent lecturer who motivates well.


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