TalkShop Trains the Office of the President’s Commission on Filipinos Overseas (Part 2)

The Office of the Office of the President’s Commission on Filipinos Overseas take on TalkShop’s comprehensive workshop in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

As TalkShop continues to affirm the uniqueness in individuals and celebrate the art of public speaking in the development of leaders, 30 CFO counselors took part in a comprehensive workshop that exposed them to challenging presentation roles that hone their creativity and ability to be one with their message as they project credibility, and engage the audience.

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas

















Here is what participants have to say about their TalkShop experience:


TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas















Manny, ESO II

I have learned that in public speaking you give priority to what your audience wants to know and not what you need to say. I am privileged to be a part of this seminar and the new learning I acquired in this activity can greatly help me do my work as an orientation officer. The program is easy to follow and is enjoyable to do. I liked most the part where each participant was asked to deliver his story after writing down their thoughts. Ms. Sheila is a very effective consultant and facilitator. She made me realize that I can be a lot more as I improve my skills public speaking.


Cherry Duran, Admin Assistant

After attending today’s training, I personally think that I became a better public speaker than yesterday.  I learned a lot today from pronouncing, delivering personal stories in front of colleagues down to creative writing. The topics were clearly discussed to us. The workshop is very good because all the participants were given the chance to speak and write.  Ms. Viesca is an excellent Trainer. She really knows what she’s doing.  She has helped us dramatically build our confidence in public speaking. Today I realized that anyone can be an effective public speaker and writer. You just need to practice it.


Mia Bisa, ESO II

I didn’t think I’d have fun from this training. It is safe to say that my supposed holiday break is worth spending in training after all. Thank you, Ms. Sheila.  This training offered something new for our self-improvement not just as public speakers but as individuals, too. The program design will definitely be useful for all of us.  Ms. Sheila didn’t make us feel intimidated of her and that felt good.  She taught us to be comfortable in your own skin. Improvement happens every day.


Elfred del Rosario, ESO II

I’ve been reminded of many things from the past by just sharing stories and writing my thoughts. I learned much today, though there are things that I already knew it’s still a refreshing e experience for me taken in a different light. I like the part when I can practice what is thought, pronunciation exercises, sharing stories and writing.

Ms. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable and friendly. She speaks confidently.


Paul Avecilla, SESO

The strategy in building our confidence to speak is different from the usual class that I attended wherein there is no respect for audience capacity but focus on the techniques, but for our seminar today from TalkShop, I like the powerful small talk/tips. Also the posture helps to boost confidence by building your image and by accepting ourselves. The program design is relaxed yet substantial. Ms. Sheila is someone that CFO is longing for – a humble and intelligent lecturer who motivates well.


John Nihols Ruelos, Case Officer

What made this workshop helpful for me is it returns my drive to write again. I’ve been busy a lot and it made me remember what writing does to me. Thank you. It made me re evaluate myself a s a speaker and helps me revise my passion in writing. TalkShop design is good. It was able to exploit and work on our weakness to become better than who we are especially as a speaker.  Ms. Sheila Viesca is very approachable and able to see each character that her participant has.


Patricia Marie Salvador

I thank TalkShop for helping me in improving my communication skills. Even from day 1 of this two-Saturday training, I already learned a lot on how to improve my communication skills. I like the part when we were tasked to deliver a story in front. Ms. Sheila is an excellent Speaker. She doesn’t only know the technicalities but she also managed to deliver a lively presentation.

TalkShop workshop helped me face my fear of speaking in front of a lot of people. I have to improve and I know I will become better.


Janet, Attache

I like storytelling the most. Ms. Sheila Viesca is knowledgeable.

I do believe now that any person can be a good writer and public speaker. So I can be both.


Gregorio Jayson, Technical Assistant

Great Job, Ms. Sheila/TalkShop. I like the storytelling the most.

The Consultant knows what she’s doing.


Eumarlo Tolosa

I learned a lot from TalkShop’s workshop. There are interactions with a good Speaker. The design is effective. I need to be more engaging with my clients when I can do this PDOS.


Romeo Ramirez Jr. ESO 11

I learned a lot while it seemed a repetition of what has been learned at school, everything is new which certainly provides a higher level of one’s quality. Everything is appreciated. The Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca has a very effective and informative presentation. I learned that initially vocabulary should be enhanced and in the end I appreciated more the quality of communication.


Joanna Cusi, Administrative Assistant 111

I like the PIXAR Pitch the most.

Ms. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop Facilitator knows what she’s doing.  She knows what she’s saying.  Because of her, I became more confident.


Ariel Cruz, ESO 11

I realized that there is still room for improvement. I learned tips to be a good public speaker. I like oral presentation the most.  Ms. Sheila is an effective Communicator. This workshop makes one a better public speaker.

TalkShop Trains the Office of the President Commission on Filipinos Overseas











Ma. Janine Erika Eusebio, Front-line Assistant

Thank you for teaching us the correct words and how to pronounce them. The storytelling is what I like. I hope that I will improve my talking skills. I learned that it is better to think first so that you know what to tell the clients. The program design is efficient.

Ms. Sheila is great and a professional at what she does.


Erlinda Pehle, ESO 11

I enjoyed the different activities given by the TalkShop Facilitator. Thank you. I learned a lot. The program design is very effective. I like all the areas. Ms. Sheila Viesca has the complete control of the whole process. TalkShop workshop has helped build my self-confidence.



Judy Oaing, AO 1V

I like the program. It’s very useful to my job. TalkShop Facilitator, Ms. Sheila Viesca is professional and fun. She got my attention. The workshop has taught me that looks, gestures and voice are important.


Maya Sanchez, Admin Officer III

Since this is my first time to attend this kind of workshop, I have learned new things and also confirmed what the right thing I have done for my session in GEP. I like storytelling the most. The Speaker, Ms. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable in her field. TalkShop workshop taught me to be more confident in front of people.


Rose Juan, Information Systems Analyst

I learned the right attitude on how to deliver my message confidently. The design is good and I like the pixar pitch the most. Ms. Sheila Viesca delivered her workshop excellently.  The workshop has reminded me that I need to practice, practice and practice not only in speaking but also in writing.



I learned a great deal. I like actual public speaking using Pixar Pitch.

Ms. Sheila Viesca is a very prepared and a good Speaker.



Allan paul Ducusin, ESO II

I am thankful to have participated in this public speaking training by TalkShop. I learned some techniques on how to become a confident public speaker. The approach is quite different from the other public speaking training I’ve attended. I like the storytelling activity the most.


Ms. Sheila Viesca is an effective Coach and very approachable. The workshop has enhanced my thinking ability and creativity.


Mhin Gurabe, Emigrant Services Officer I

I learned much. I like the storytelling, power pose and words commonly mispronounced by Filipinos. TalkShop Trainer, Ms. Sheila Viesca is approachable, engaging and humble. She has also an encouraging personality.  I think I can now practice coherence during my sessions. I have to be more aware of unnecessary gestures when I discuss.     (632) 894 5588     Public Speaking     l     Presentation Mastery